Mavic 3 Classic Specs Features – A Detailed Review

This is officially declared now that DJI Mavic 3 Classic is going to have an official release on 2nd of Novemeber 2022 and they have also invited fans to the event. Interestingly, more details and specs have been recently dropped on social media revealing Explore Vivid’s mechanical, technical details and specs.

So it not just confirms the speculated details but released specs, features details including photos of mavic 3 classic version of the aircraft.

‘Is n’t it surprising?’
‘Yes, it’s but that’s true.’


We know most of it already ahead of it when DJI is geared up to release the drone. Here we have mentioned the specs and other details. We already mentioned in the last post that FCC confirms filing details for the classic drone and big thanks to them. But now we have more in-depth details.

Portablity & Ease

Mavic 3 Classic shall remain the title of the drone – The lighter version of Mavic 3 that was released just a year ago around the same time-window with a stripped tele camera lens that helps it not just become ideal of average buyers but also portable and fits into a palm.

Mavic 3 Classic Unique Selling Proposition

Few things about this new DJI drone really make it worth our shot.
1- It is very light and pocket friendly
2- DJI has pinned-point its selling USP as selling it with a variety of combinations so you can definitely buy it with a RC.
3- Its accessories can be chosen individually as per the budget of the customer
4- The average drone enthusiasts still afford the drone with minimal specs

Mavic 3 Classic mechanical and technical aspects

The leaks have confirm our previous rumored specs details further more. At this point the Mavic 3 classic has features like:

1. Photography = 20MP RAW images

2. Videography = 50 fps 5.1K and 120fps 4K

3. Aperture = It’s aperture is adjustable at f/2.8 f/11 that makes the photos crispier and sharp while shooting in the different light conditions.

Mavic 3 Classic General Features & Specs according to



Ascent/Descent Speed 8 m/s and 6 m/s
Wind Resistance 12 m/s
Altitude 6000 m altitude above sea level
RTH Return to home function
Temp. Maximum temperature 40 °C
Connection Range 8 km
Frequency 2.4/2.8 GHz radio frequency

Mavic 3 Classic Camera Features

Sensor 20MP
CMOS 4/3
Aperture f/2.8 to f/11
Videography Resolution 5.1K
Zoom 3x digital zoom
Shutter Shutter speed 8-1/8000 s
Light Sensitivity 100-6400
Focal 24mm focal length and 1 m to ∞ focus
View 84° field view

Other Specs

Weight Class 895gms
Dimension 283 x 347.5 x 107.7mm
RC RC-N1 remote controller
Battery Power Battery LiPo 4S (15.4 V / 77 Wh), 5,000 mAh
Storage Expandable 8GB that can be expanded using a microSD
Mileage 46 minutes (it can vary depending on the conditions)
Connectivity Type Micro USB, GPS
Modes Night, omnidirectional dual vision mechanism
Sensor Type Infrared
Stability 3-axis motorized

We know that the original Mavic 3 falls in sub-890g and Mavic 3 classic is going to be a lot less with the removal of camera. It is also going to be equally effective in Europe as it seems to be a C1 classified drone to empower everyone who wishes to have a DJI drone.