Evo Nano Plus Review

Autel introduced us  with their smallest aircraft of all time– EVO Nano+ which is a tiny cute drone with a powerful algorithm and features to capture footage in 4K and also has an advanced obstacle avoidance system. This small drone beats its contemporaries by miles, of course most of them. We have discussed its features below which you can read. 

The first and only aircraft series of its size to offer an advanced obstacle avoidance system

A Quick Overview of EVO Nano Plus 

Autel has introduced many drones to the market in a couple of years, EVO Nano Plus that provides coverage for transmission range of 6.2 miles and the video quality is delivered in 4K with ½ CMOS sensor, the drone proves to be a boon for the professional photographers. There are tons of other features and specs that this tiny drone comes with which have been discussed below in detail. 


Nano Plus by Autel is their smallest drone to-date which weighs less than 250 grams and is your best companion on the go. For travel vloggers, pro videographers/photographers or hobbyists, this drone shows footage like no other can despite its smallest size. Basically, it’s more like a go-to de facto tool for the users especially when venturing into outdoor activities. With 1/1 28-inch CMOS sensor they can capture photos in 50MP, A RYYB filter has been used that has a good wide aperture of f/1.9 PDAF+CDAF that utilizes auto focus very well.

What’s In The EVO Nano Plus Box Apart From The Drone

The EVO Nano Plus box comes with a lot of amazing accessories not just the aircraft and bunch of things along with it, but an a lot of stuff which we have mentioned below

Aircraft – The drone comes with a battery, a gimbal cover and propellers. 

Remote Control – Autel is always specific about their drone remote controls. The one comes with EVO Nano Plus is ergonomic and makes you feel like of X-box. 

Adapter – It has a power adapter in its arsenal box that also comes with the package 

Multicharger – The multi-charger is very useful which also comes in the box 

Batteries – The box also contains spare batteries which are useful in the dire needs 

Cables – USB-C Charging cables are also included in the box 

Extra Connectors – Three types of connectors are also included in the box including lightening, USB-C and Micro USB. These connectors are also very useful and we don’t have to pay extra. 

Bag – We also get a free shoulder bag to keep things secure 

Propellers – A pair of spare propellers are also part and parcel of the accessories 

Some other accessories like spare screws, a screwdriver and a propeller holder.

Review of EVO Nano Plus After Testing

What’s RYYB Design Means in Autel EVO Nano Plus Drones?

Autel has used RYYB technology in different drones including EVO Nano Plus. RYYB is the color array that connects the latest technology from the Leica-Huawei partnership that strives to bring us the most cinematically ideal drone especially in this size class. While Autel has used this technology in this drone to allow its imaging sensor to utliize 40% more light than the traditionally used RGGB imaging systems. So RYYB makes the Nano Plus perform phenomenally even in the dull light conditions and its focus performs better than even the bigger sensors. In a nutshell, RYYB makes this drone ideal for professional photographers and videographers as it allows more light to the sensor to give us truer and cooler colors in the footage. 

Obstacle Avoidance in Autel Nano Plus 

The obstacle avoidance in EVO Nano Plus works to show you how close or far the range of object is. If you are flying a plain area where there are no obstacles, which many testers do, is a great way to test your drone, especially if you are new to drone flying. So when we tested obstacle avoidance on Autel EVO Nano Plus we wanted to see whether it goes around the object or simply how the drone reacts to the objects. Like most DJI drones, they go around obstacles to avoid it. 

Its dynamic tracking works as they claim. So what does actually dynamic tracking works? It’s not particularly how it sounds, it will start tracking objects. We selected dynamic tracking so when the drone has the object before it, it does the autonomous thing. 

QuickShots in EVO Nano Plus 

When we talk about quickshots we kind of already know that DJI drones have quickshots. Well yes they do have, but Autel always surprises us with its unique ability to scale product features. The quickshots in EVO Nano+ work a lot in the same way as does it in the DJI drones. Its Flick feature does the thing for us, so when we select it in the QuickShots it moves around the object while keeping pointing the camera towards it which is quite a development in these drones. It will fly far away from the object while pointing its camera to the object. 

Portrait Mode 

The portrait feature has been integrated into this drone so that we can take portrait photos of anything we want on this drone. So when taking portrait photos on this drone, it blows the other portions while keeping the focus on the subject that could be a person or any vehicle or a bunch of things. Portrait mode is the best feature for social media sharing. It has three settings: Close, Medium and Long.  The close feature works for a single object/subject, while the medium and long work accordingly depending on the size of portraits we want to shoot. 

Face Contrast 

The face contrast detection system is something out of the box feature which has been included in this tiniest drone for better focus. As all of the drones come with auto-focus like Nano plus does. But as other drones focus on something, they go above it and we see blistered video quality. While Nano Plus’ focus works better as the footage remains intact and of a high quality. 

Video Resolution 

The next big feature which we see in EVO Nano Plus is its maximum resolution that we see in the video settings. It records videos in 4K in the resolution (3840×2150) at a 30 fps frame rate. While at 2.7K it still records at 30 fps and it records 1080p at 60fps which we see in many popular drones including DJI. 

One thing is notable that Evo Nano Plus records footage in 4K while flying and 720p on the ground and it shows how it handles the heat produced by its system. 


We can take photos on EVO Nano Plus in JPEG or Raw or even both at 50 megapixels. So they are filled with beautiful details and gives us the best possible imagery of recent times. So if someone is just using this drone for photography alone, it still suffices the need pretty big time. 


Autel has used a 16x zoom on this drone which does not look as good as it should. Rather it looks terrible. It sounds great but is not that good in the grand scheme of things. 


Autel has killed every competition when it comes to the controller of Nano Plus. The controller is ergonomics and of course we get the X Box vibes which makes flying the drone a rather gameplay. It feels aluminum and plastic at the same time but the feeling of holding it is just mind blowing. 

Other features of Autel Nano Plus 

This drone comes with a lot of built-in features, some of the exciting ones we have already discussed. However, one feature that’s least talked about is its speed to transfer media files, this drone is a blessing that helps to transfer media in quickly. The other thing is exciting is this drone comes with a built-in editor. We can edit our photos and videos in a quick succession which might take a lot of time on a professional software. We can open Autel Sky App and do the editing part and boom share them. 

Autel Sky App 

In order to fly this drone, we need to install the Autel Sky App. Without that it is not possible to fly a drone. For glitches and errors the support is great 24/7 available so that we can contact them anytime. 

DJI Mini 2 Vs EVO Nano Plus Comparison 

How good is EVO Nano Plus in comparison with the DJI Mini 2? Well, the DJI Mini 2 seems a lost cause as compared to this new and advanced drone – Nano Plus. But it gives a tough battle to the DJI Mini 3 which is a newer and better drone. However, when Nano Plus was released a few months ago, DJI MIni 2 was the only compatible drone in this class size. But feature and specs-wise Nano Plus is a better drone in every possible way. Of course, the DJI Mini 3 has its own class and features.


So finally if you want to buy a drone especially this size class, we recommend EVO Nano Plus which is pretty big in its performance and it has everything built-in with specs in the box that it comes with. It’s a complete package so make your move. 

Evo Nano Plus Review
Final Thoughts
This is the best drone at this point in time with all the features we get in a professional drone. Despite its size you can always get what expect off a drone.
RYYB Design
Aircraft Security/Obstacle Avoidance
Video Quality
Photo Features
Controller Performance/Ergonomics
The Accessories
Obstacle Avoidance
Built-in Features
Media Video+Audio
Size Design and Weight
We had issues with its zoom which is not as good as it should be
Temperature affects this drone