Exodrones Announces New Flash Sale on All Drones & Here is How Much Each Pro Drone Costs Now

It is very rare that professionally built drones for longest flight time and with all the superb exo drones have a drop of price about 42% on most of the drones with free shipping across the globe. As we all know there many drones manufacturers but the most popular ones are just a few DJI, Autel and Exodrones and out of these three only Exodrones is actually an american manufacturer with partners abroad. All others are exclusively made and delivered from China etc. 

Exodrones are like their counterparts that do not lack quality and performance in any way, in fact some of these are really great ones. Their new models have been direct competitors to DJI drones’ several top-notch models. 

So what makes Exodrones offer these discounts? Recently Exodornes has laid off a discount of 42% of most of their class-A drones which is huge keeping in mind their exponential performance and extremely well-built. 

We have reviewed some of their drones earlier which you can find and have also compared them with DJI and Autel drones. Recently Exodornes has announced a flash sale on all the items including class- A drones, accessories and others which makes them very affordable for all those hobbyists and professionals. We have this post solely covering all those drone accessories, drones and packages with more than 40% off which is huge. Let’s review them one-by-one. 

Exodrones Major Drone Discounts During The New Flash Sale 2023-2024

First of all we are reviewing the major discounts of the exo drones which were very expensive like their competitors but since they have announced flash sale of more than 40% off on most of the products they have become very affordable for everyone across the globe. 

EXO X7 Ranger PLUS

Exo X7 Ranger Plus is one of the top-notch drones of the world. It has been a competitor to many popular A-list drones of the DJI and Autel etc. During the Exodrones flash sale its price has come off from $482 to all the way down to $282.

We have also published a detailed review of Exo X7 Ranger Plus which you can find here. It’s a great drone by all means.

One thing is important to mention about Exo X7 Ranger+ is big drone for many reasons and has a great potential specially we are expecting much from this line of drones with the future upgrades.

EXO Cinemaster 2

So again EXO Cinemaster 2 has had it’s popularity when it was released earlier and still is very relatable. We can upgrade it too. However, it was priced at $549 and is now being sold at $449. 

It is a huge price off for a great drone like Exo Cinemaster 2 so all those of our friends who could not afford it earlier could definitely go for it now since it’s flat $100 off and is very affordable at this point. 

EXO Scout

So once again like we were saying, EXO Scout may not be a drone for professionals who expect so much off a high-end drone but still the hobbyists on a budget could definitely try this drone. 

Its selling price was $137 earlier with a discount it is $129 now. So far, the Exo scout is the best beginner friendly drone and very affordable. 

EXO Recon


Exo Recon was introduced as a beginners friendly drone when it was released. The Exo Drones team has reduced the price point from $109 to $99. It has become under $100 which is huge for those who are on a budget of just $100. If you are just starting over this is just for you. 

Exo Recon is a child-friendly drone which is highly reliable for them, to teach them flying at ease. It’s a tiny drone so we can easily practice it in our homes as well.

EXO Blackhawk 2 Pro

EXO Blackhawk 2 Pro is one of the highly in demand drones across the world not just as a high end drone from the Exodrones but this one is also a globally liked drone as it is considered a great competiros to popular drones from the DJI especially. This drone is a high-end one and we would publishing a detailed review of it very soon on whichdronebuy so make sure to keep checking back again you can find its comparison with blackhawk 2 here

Blackhawk 2 Pro’s price has been reduced in this flash sale by Exo drones from $1271 to $939 which is a great discount if you compare it with its competitors’ price at DJI and others. 

EXO Mini Pro

EXO Mini Pro is in direct competition to DJI mini pro and the drone experts on YouTube have published tons of comparative analysis between the two. We also have written a detailed post about EXO Mini Pro which you find here. 

Its price has been reduced from $859 to $699 which is a huge discount keeping in mind its specs and performance on a global level. 

EXO Mini

Like before DJI mini pro was DJI Mini from Exodrones before Exo Mini Pro was Exo Mini drone which attracted millions of eye-balls across the globe due to its distinctive features and the best part is the team behind them is American. So for all those starting over EXO Mini is definitely worth a shot for a smooth flying experience. 

As far as the flash sale for this mini drone goes, it was priced at around almost $600 which has seen a significant price drop at $489. 

EXO Blackhawk 2

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EXO Blackhawk 2 became a massive success and flag-bearer for the team behind it. It has been instantly liked by the masses. For all those hobbyists and pro drone pilots, its price has seen a massive drop from $1039 as low as $749. 

We have also published a detailed review about it which you can find here and we have tried to cover its all specs and where it stands. You can also see its neck-to-neck comparison with Exo’s blackhawk 2 pro here

Exodrones is based in the US and is a direct competitor to many of the DJI’s A-list drones. This new significant price drop on all of its drones and free shipping gives us opportunity to make the most of this huge opportunity.