Mavic 3 Classic – The Latest DJI Drone

According to the latest Mavic 3 Classic leaks, DJI has made these changes and improvements to Mavic 3 Classic as compared to Mavic 3 which was released last year.

DJI Mavic 3 Classic to release in October-November 2022 just a few more days to go. The necessary registration and early paperwork has been done with FCC (US Federal Communications Commission already so the cheaper model of DJI Mavic 3 is expected to hit stores very soon than we expected which is a great news in itself for the new drone enthusiasts.

Mavic 3 Classic

According to the reports DJI’s latest drone Mavic 3 Classic is has Class II quality with its specifications reduced and modified that will also impact its performance. So as per FCC certification DJI Mavic 3 Classic is a class II dji drone as compared to its predecessors.

Built of Mavic 3 Classic Vs Mavic 3

The certification and documentation submitted to FCC reveals that the technical built of Mavic 3 Classic is same as DJI Mavic 3’s mechanical built including the parts. DJI Mavic 3 was released same time in the last year and has been loved tremendously by the masses.


Mavic 3 Classic vs Mavic 3 Camera Difference

Mavic 3 was released with two lenses while the Mavic Classic comes with just a single camera. It means the tele lens will not be included in the new DJI drone and the new leaks also hint at the version change of camera lens. While the last leaks revealed that most of the specifications will remain same including camera.

  • Mavic 3 Classic is geared up to shoot 20MP images in 12-bit RAW
  • It will record video in 5.1K and 4K at 50FPS and 120FPS respectively.
  • Mavic 3 Classic for sharper and crisp aerial photos rumored to sport adjustable aperture of f/2.8-f/11. It will serve tremendously well in varying light conditions and weathers.

Mavic 3 Classic vs Mavic 3 Specs

  • Mavic 3 Classic remote sports more battery power, has FHD display and is a lighter version of DJI remote controllers.
  • The Software-defined radio SDR’s RF filter of Mavic 3 Classic also has a slightest change this time which is used for communication. The parameters remain the same
  • In order to enhance the PCD (Printed Circuit Board) features useless interfaces are removed including peripherals and motor speed parts.
  • Not just that as per rumors various circuit and component modifications are also expected in the classic model
  • To make Mavic 3 Classic functional in Europe more software features are added including Galileo satellite navigation and also flying in 5170-5250 MHz band.

Mavic 3 Classic Price


Still it’s unclear what the price tag would DJI place on this new drone. It’s expected to range around $1,300-1,500 which makes Mavic 3 Classic very ideal for those who want to have a DJI drone and cannot afford it. It’s also equally well serving for those who can afford them but don’t won’t to shell extra dollars for unused features and peripherals.

DJI’s making efforts to reach to the unprivileged buyers who cannot afford their drones despite the fact that they love them. With Classic version, DJI has also tried their hand at improving on the quality to the core and removing unused parts and also making Mavic 3 the best deal. If we compare it with DJI’s previous drones, it’s very efficient and lighter with a refined design. It’s body, gimbal and the whole structure is aerodynamically better.

With Mavic 3’s Classic edition we will see DJI going a step ahead of its competitors, they have kept ergonomics in check and we are certain Mavic 3 Classic will give competitors a run for their life despite being a simplistic DJI drone that any can afford.