EXO Mini Pro A Professional Drone For Gorgeous Quality Footage

In this Exodrones’ Mini Pro drone review we have covered every small detail about the popular quadcopter which is taking roots into everyone’s hearts. Some of the core specs and accessories that it comes with in the package including Drone, battery kit, travel bag and more accessories. There’s great support available round the clock as well.

Exo Mini Pro is a well crafted drone with 4K camera, 24mph strong wind resistance, GPS and smart modes. There are hundreds of more features that we have discussed below. The package has drone, battery kit, travel bag and other accessories.

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Some of its core competencies against its contemporaries like DJI’s Mini 3 Pro and other drones are its great video quality at 4K/30fps, 48MPs photo and 1/1.3in CMOS sensor. These highlights have been covered below as well.

Dimensions & Weight of Exo Mini Pro

Exo mini pro has these dimensions folded and unfolded.

Dimensions 5.5 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches (folded)
Dimension 8 x 6 x 2.5 inches (unfolded)
Weight Class 249g

Range & Battery

Here we have shown its complete details about battery and other related stuff to Mini pro.

Max Flight Time 40 minutes
Max Transmission Range 10KM
Transmission Latency <200 ms
Transmission Resolution 1080p
 Max Flight Distance 18.5KM

Exo Mini Pro Camera Features

Camera is the important highlight of every single drone from DJI’s mini 3 pro to Exo mini pro. Most of the comparisons are decided on the basis of camera performance.

 Video Resolution 4K@30FPS
Photo Resolution 48MP
Photo Format JPEG, DNG
Still Image Size 2.4um mixed
Video Format MP4 (H.265/HEVC)
Internal Storage  64GB, 128GB

Flying specs and capabilities of Exo Mini Pro. Unlike our previous drone reviews, here we can see flying classification of Mini pro with and how far it can go. Each of the details about its flying capabilities are covered which would help readers get to know the drone better before making a decision to buy it.



Max Speed (X Axis) 35 MPH+
Max Speed (Ascent) 9 MPH
Max Speed (Descent) 8 MPH
Satellite Systems GPS/GLONASS
Return to Home Controller, App
Maximum Takeoff Height 12500ft
Maximum Wind Resistance Level 5 (19-24 mph)
Hovering Accuracy Range +/- 1/3ft (ATTI) +/- 1.4ft (GPS)
Obstacle Sensors Frontal, Back, Downward
Operating Temperatures 32 – 100 degree F

Other Specs & Features

General aspects of Exo Mini pro are covered here. The list about its features is long but it’s worth the shot.

Sensor 1/1.3in CMOS
Aperture f/1.85 – f/12
Gimbal 3 Axis Stability
Zoom 6X (optical/digital, 1080p)
ISO Range 100 – 6400 (auto)
Shutter Speed 3-1/8000s
H-Log Yes
Memory Card Type None, all built-in storage
FOV 84 degrees
Focal .5m – Infinity
Max Video Bitrate 100-200mbps
Night Mode Yes
Hyperlapse Circle, Line, Free

Some more details about Exo Mini Pro

Weight Class 549gms
Quickshots Follow-me, Circle-me, Fly-to-Sky, Dronie, Comet, 360 Shooting, Auto Drifting, Panorma
Obstacle Avoidance  OMNI (Forward, Backward, Downward)
Smart Features Waypoint Fly, Line-Fly, Return to Home (x3), Image Follow, Wind Resist Mode
App Name Blackhawk 2
Lost Connection Safety Yes it comes with safety feature
Low Battery Safety Yes it has low battery safety as well
App Compatibility iOS + Android
Gimbal Stabilization 3 Axis Gimbal (tilt, roll, pan)
Tilt Range = -120degree – 45 degree
Pan Range = +/- 35 degree
Roll Range = +/- 35 degree
Max Controllable Speed   (Tilt) 120 degree/s
Firmware Updates In-App
Downward Spotlight Yes
Max Controllable Speed   (Tilt) 120 degree/s
Firmware Updates In-App
Downward Spotlight Yes
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Motor Brushless 20A
Speed Levels Sport, Normal, Film
Other Important Details It works great for Livestreaming and YouTube

Specs comparison of Exo Mini Versus Exo Mini Pro

Exo mini is the front-runner of Mini series by Exodrones. Here is it has been compared with mini pro in every single aspect and features. So by all means exo mini pro is a better drone. In many ways it’s not lesser than DJI’s mini 3 pro.

Exo Mini Exo Mini Pro
12 Megapixels 48 Megapixels
4K UHD 30fps Video 4K UHD 30fps / 2.7K 60fps Video
100mbps Max Bitrate 200mbps Max Bitrate
1/2.6in CMOS Sensor 1/1.3in CMOS Sensor
Downward Optical Flow Sensors and obstacle avoidance is optional 3-Way obstacle avoidance (Front, Rear, Below)
40 minute Flight Time, 40 minute Flight Time
90 Minute Charging Time 90 Minute Charging Time
5 Mile Range 5 Mile Range
Level 5 Wind Resistance Level 5 Wind Resistance
24mph+ Speed 24mph+ Speed
3-Axis Electronically Stabilized Gimbal 3-Axis Electronically Stabilized Gimbal
No Internal Storage


64GB or 128GB Internal Storage
Great video quality Gorgeous Video Quality

By far Exo Drones’ mini pro drone is the high quality drone. The brand is still new but the drone does not lack features of specs in any way.

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EXO Mini Pro A Professional Drone For Gorgeous Quality Footage
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