EXO X7 Ranger Plus – Drone For Everyone

We have reviewed some of the awesome drones which are very affordable without giving out on the quality of the footage by Exodrones. Here is one more honest review about the EXO X7 Ranger Plus drone. Now, this is another great drone by Exo, a comparatively new company that has been around for a couple of years. This drone EXO X7 Ranger+ is one of their star products whose price tag falls in the middle of their range and is a drone to have for amazing aerial footage. We have explained below why that is.

They do have some of the other great drone models specifically designed for pros, as well as an entry-level drone called the EXO Scout which has a price tag of around $150–which is cool as well. While the Ranger+ is the upgraded model of their previous Ranger model, and it’s their flagship product.

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Coming back to the topic.we have discussed below Ranger+ features, specs and much more.

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When you have EXO Ranger Plus in your hands, you would notice it has a great design and it’s a beautiful drone that folds out easily. It comes with an intelligent motion sensor on top for obstacle avoidance with a 150 degree field of view, and a camera with a gimbal mounted underneath it.

The drone is equipped with a 3-axis gimbal, capturing high-quality 9MPs photos and amazing aerial videos. While some higher-end drones do offer 4K video capabilities, while on this drone the 4K resolution is great to have but this works well with 2K settings as well–far superior to what was available just an year or so ago.

Flight Time & Batteries

EXO Ranger+ has two batteries included in the package which provide a total flight time of 25 minutes. This means you can get up to 50 minutes of flight time with both batteries once they get charged 100%. So technically what we saw in the previous class-1 drones from other popular brands like DJI and Autel we see that Ranger+ is truly competitive in comparison of flight time and battery life. So it’s huge on this part, right?

While the controller’s life is also not short of a shocking surprise if we compare it to the previous drones. While testing, we noticed it easily lasts 4-5 hrs. WE CAN CHARGE it by connecting to the USB port.

EXO X7 Ranger Plus Camera

Its camera is another thing to notice and as I have understood by now after reviewing so many drones, without a camera we would never be able to capture the best aerial photography. Apart from all of that the biggest of its features is its zoom which shows a lot of difference, which can be controlled directly from the app. It offers a 50x digital zoom, allowing you to zoom in on subjects in real-time during flight.

We tried its circle feature which we liked a lot. You see it becomes an issue with most of the A-Class drones which Ranger+ has a mastery at as well. So we can get amazing circular footage while using that and the ideal footage just gets delivered in well.
Over all camera results are amazing man, for a drone with a price tag like this affordable. Kudos to the Exo team.

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So one thing we NEED TO KEEP IN MIND we can always change zoom footage in the post-production to maintain video quality, having the option to zoom in on the fly can be useful in certain situations which we already know.

Exo Ranger+ Real-Time Flight Experience

Now let’s talk about how our flying experience was. So first off, Ranger+ is the best of all beginner-friendly drones and the Exo team promotes this drone as such an option that can be used by anyone— even children can easily take their flying lessons having learned a few basics.

The footage is good over all but what we found a little sensitive is its controls through the smartphone. It’s way too sensitive. You got to be very used to that so make better use of Ranger+. So precision becomes a bit of a challenge at times. But again, if you get used to that, that would all be great and glorious.

It’s worth noting that this drone performs well in windy conditions, boasting impressive wind resistance. It operates at speeds of around 17 to 20 miles per hour in normal mode and can reach up to 27 miles per hour in speed mode.

Ranger Plus Advanced Features – This drone has some of the advanced modes and functionality so we need to watch a couple of videos by the Exo team before starting over. We can master all these modes, features and functionality by going through a few tutorials after all they are for the best.

Wind Resistance – So technically Range+ gives us what we need in a drone to stand the strong windy conditions and while flying it we found it as such. This drone has it boys! It’s the best wind-resistant-strong drone. Since we tested in very critical weather there’s no doubt about it.

Communication & Signal Strength – So again this drone has one of the best signal strength. Let’s say you are using the controller with physical knobs or controlling it through your smartphone, the drone has been very responsive and generally handles everything well– don’t forget we tested it in tough weather conditions for a drone– that’s how we come to know about solid drones, right?

Customer Service – So what stands out about Exodrones is their support. They actually look into the matters personally when it’s required to. The same experience is lacking while you have encountered an issue with the drone. Exo Team is actually 24/7 right there and very responsive. That’s amazing.

Ranger Plus Learning Curve

What we found that this drone is certainly great but for kids under 10 it’s not the right drone. However, for the teens and new-beginners Ranger Plus is just the right drone to begin with. Besides, if you check official social media handles of Exo drones including Instagram etc they have detailed tutorials to teach you. In fact you can send messages and get immediate responses as well. They have a series of beginner -friendly helpful videos. Along with the installation and startup video, they offer a 7-episode series on taking primary drone flying lessons.
But yes to start with Ranger Plus, the learning curve is there.

We really found EXO X7 Ranger Plus drone mid-range drone for everyone in many ways. From price point to, camera movements, controls, and suitability, this drone very well justifies most of the parameters. Though smartphone controls are way too much sensitive but I guess we can manage that after few tweaks. Over all one of the best mid-range drones in 2023.

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EXO X7 Ranger Plus – Drone For Everyone
Final Thoughts
Exo X7 Ranger Plus has some much for everyone. That's why it is highly suitable for everyone who wants to try a drone.
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Great Battery Life
High End Design
Long Flight Time
Highly Suitable For Teens & Young Adults
Very Affordable Price Tag
Great Customer Support
There's a learning curve.
The Best Mid-range Drone of 2023
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