Autel EVO Lite Plus Review & Comparison With The Most Popular Drones – Is EVO Plus A Winner?

If you already know about the popularity and usability of the DJI drones, you probably already know about Autel Robotics as well, the brand that is considered almost as good as DJI for purchasing reliable drones–especially camera drones. Some of its drones are as good as their DJI counterparts are. In this post we have reviewed EVO Lite plus drone by Autel Robotics and have also compared it to their previous models and DJI Air 2s that you will read below about in detail. 

A Quick Overview of EVO Lite Plus 

EVO Lite+ comes with a lot of amazing specs. Its standard package comes loaded with a quadcopter UAV drone with a 3-Axis Gimbal camera. The videography quality is 6K which is exceptional with a 20mp camera for photography. EVO Lite Plus gives us 40 minutes of flight time and covers a maximum of 7.4 miles. The transmission uses SkyLink and has a 1-inch CMOS sensor. 


Specs and Features of EVO Plus

EVO Lite Plus is an amazing upgrade from its previous model which was laden with few glitches specially, you will find several youtube and Reddit reviews talking about them. EVO Lite+ comes in the improved form, shape and specs. We have reviewed its features in detail below which give right insights into what they have improved on and added. 

Advanced Aperture Control

EVO Lite+ comes with an adjustable aperture that lets pilots take their creativity to another level by adjusting aperture f/2.8-f/11, altering cam’s exposure and field depth as much as they desire. It captures everything in a much aesthetic way and the artists can show their true skills with that. With just tweaking the setting of the aperture and keeping it in the right place, they take uniqueness and artistry to a whole new level. 

Moonlight Algorithm 

EVO Lite+ has a new intelligent moonlight algorithm integrated into it by Autel and a 1-inch CMOS sensor for capturing detailed images even at night with comparatively low noise. It does not matter if ISO is left aside, it still carries to get us the best imagery that’s how its intelligence works. 

HDR Mode 

EVO LIte+ also has a fine HDR feature which captures photos even in the dull light with bad exposure and sticks to them together to give us high quality results adding automatically dynamic range and contrast to enhance quality. Many popular pilots use HDR feature to capture photos automatically on EVO Lite plus and they just come in great quality already. 

Longest Range 

EVO Lite plus is mainly focused on to give users more range and fly without worries of transmission issues. It has lesser interference as compared to its previous models. This has really changed the dynamics for Autel Robotics drones, as it maintains the crispiness of video quality with smooth transmission using SkyLink. Autel’s high confidence integration into the drone system. It increases range to 7.4 miles which does not hamper quality and it is maintained at 2.7K/30fps. 

Anti-interference – Using SkyLink Autel has come quite in the same range as DJI has been. Its anti-interference increases its capability to deliver more in terms of quality. It relays HD videos in stunning quality. 

Autel had to work on anti-interference which we have seen they have achieved in EVO Lite Plus. 

Obstacle Avoidance in EVO Lite Plus 

We have seen in many of DJI drones they use the finest obstacle avoidance intelligent system. While in previous drones Autel was lacking behind in obstacle avoidance. In EVO Lite Plus it all has changed, they have introduced their new obstacle avoidance system with a wide angle feature. 

What that basically does is it makes obstacle avoidance work more intelligently and the obstacles will always be in the camera focus no matter wherever they are. It ensures a faster, safer way to fly drones confidently. Its sensors are designed in such a way that now we get a front field view of 150 degrees. With that much field view the blindspots completely get reduced to a higher degree and it also lowers the need for using more cameras for the same job. That alone sets it apart from everything else. 

Some More Features of EVO Plus?


Lite Evo Plus by Autel is a drone with the least possible noise. We know drones make crazy noise, but this one is comparatively on the lighter side of the noise. 


Lite Evo Plus comes with a 4 GB internal memory, so even if you don’t have a memory card on you, save your footage on its internal memory. 4 GBs of internal memory can store a lot of data. 


You can use different extensions to save your photos as JPGs and 12-bit Raw etc. There’s a hyperlapse that can be used for saving in the desired quality that you can tweak settings for. Then there is Pano for your ease. So the pilot can use any of these depending on the desire. 

Video Formats 

The videos can be either saved as a video format mp4 or mov. File extensions. It’s all at the user’s discretion. The compression is available at H-264 and H-265. If you want to save the videos on your phone you can save them in HD or the original size. 

Contrast Settings

We can use Defrog option on Autel’s Evo Lite Plus which ads contrast if there is dull light. It works better if you have not tried yet. In the places where there’s an issue with the light, it adjusts amazingly. 

Autel Evo Lite Plus Firmware Update 

After the firmware update of Lite Plus Evo, all of its features improved for a better flying experience. It truly has made it a gem among drones. Its video resolutions have also been updated along with other features. It captures 6K footage in the 5472X2076 and other resolutions in 30 fps while 4K in 60fps and so on down the ladder until 1080p we get 120fps. So we have all the reasonable video settings options available to choose. It also allows you to take pictures while recording videos. 

Here are the details about real performance of Autel Evo Plus drone after testing

  • Sensor Sony 1” CMOS
  • Average Real Flight Time – 40 Mins
  • Digital Zoom 16x
  • Range 7.5 Miles 
  • Aperture – F2.8-F11 adjustability 
  • ISO 6400(48000)
  • Wind Resistance – Level 7
  • 6K Resolution works on 30 fps and gives us crispy footage 
  • Photos 20mps 
  • Obstacle avoidance works incredibly well as advertised 
  • It has dynamic tracking that we did not talk about much
  • Image Filter RYYB

What Makes EVO Lite Plus A Better Drone?

Autel Evo – Back in 2018 Autel released its first EVO with a 4K 60fps front camera for recording videos in crisp quality. There were not many drones with such a quality camera. It also had forward and backward obstacle avoidance which also was the only feature in any foldable drone that time. 

Its controller also had a built-in view so if the pilot did not have a cell phone on him, he could still use it. 

Autel EVO 2 – After the immense success of the first drone, AUTEL came up with Autel EVO 2 in 2020. Those were two drones, the one with an 8K camera while the other a 6K camera drone. Both looked very similar except for their different cameras. 

They had 360 degree obstacle avoidance which was an amazing feature a couple of years ago. When you hold EVO with an 8K camera you will see sensors everywhere on it. Even today, not many drones come with an 8k camera, so it’s huge even today. It’s an ideal drone for professional photography and videography, this drone also has other pro features that are cooler even today and makes the pilots proud. 

While the EVO 2 with 6K camera also has amazing features, it has manual aperture. It has the largest sensor that Autel ever used on a drone which is great. It also has a 360 degrees obstacle avoidance system. 

It also comes with a view on its controller so that it can be used without a cell phone. 

Autel EVO Nano Drones 2022– Autel announced nano drones in 2021 but they were released in 2022. EVO Nano has a high quality camera used on its upfront and is as good as a camera with 1-inch. It also has obstacle avoidance in the front and rear. There are all other features already included that we have talked about previously. 

They changed the controller with a more ergonomic one and took away the preview feature. But still the controller on EVO Nano has a great feel. When we used it, it felt like an X Box controller. It’s that good. The comfortability was lacking in its previous controllers. 

The Evo Lite Plus 

Autel used every technology to bring us Evo Lite Plus which is by far the best drone by the brand. With its 6k camera and intelligent obstacle avoidance we can achieve a lot to capture the crisp and cool quality footage. It also has amazing controller features that is what a pro photographer or videographer needs. 

Autel EVO Lite Plus Vs DJI Air 2s – Which One is a Better Drone?

If we compare EVO Lite Plus to DJI Air 2s, you will see a major design and size difference. EVO Lite Plus is a much bigger camera drone as compared to DJI Air 2s. We have compared all of EVO Lite Plus’ features with Air 2s’ and have found this:

Camera – EVO Lite Plus is a way better camera drone than Air 2s.If you want to capture footage in a comparatively better quality then go for EVO Lite Plus. It’s a winner camera-wise as compared to Air 2s. 

Other Features – Air 2s and EVO Lite Plus have similar features. Autel did not release all of its features until a few more months into 2022 and now it’s really a clear winner than DJI Air 2s. So if you want to buy a drone specially DJI Air 2s, we highly recommend trying Autel EVO Plus. 

So if you compare both these drones feature-wise you will find EVO Lite Plus a way better drone than DJI Air 2s. 

What is the difference between Plus and non-plus Autel EVO drones?

The Autel EVO plus drones come with a lot of amazing features and of course they cost way more than the non-plus EVO drones. But the problem with Autel’s non-plus drones is they lack a lot of great features. One such example is obstacle avoidance which works way better on the plus drones with forward and backward and tons of sensors loaded on them. The non-plus Evo drones also come with old controllers with displays on them and the controller is not as ergonomic as the new one is. 

The plus drones are very good for the entry level pilots. Their all features are built to make flying an easy feat and less worrying. 

The Obstacle avoidance on Autel Plus Drones is like a real player—especially EVO Lite Plus, when an object appears what most drones would do is they just stop, but Evo Plus would not come to a sudden halt, rather it will slow down move around the object and let you capture the footage if you want to. Imagine if you are recording a video of a tornado and this drone can really get the best footage of any other drone on this planet. This is how good its obstacle avoidance is as compared to other drones. 


By Far Evo Lite Plus by Autel Robotics is one of the best drones on the market with amazing features integrated and built into it. Its algorithm is another greater appeal to the audiences. We compared it to DJI Air 2s which is a great drone in the same dominion but in many ways, Evo Lite Plus is a winner comparatively. So buying this drone is completely worthy of your shot. Give it a try, you would love it. 

Autel EVO Lite Plus Review & Comparison With The Most Popular Drones – Is EVO Plus A Winner?
Final Thoughts
Evo Plus Vs Other Drones
Obstacle Avoidance
Noise Reduction
Flight Time
Price Value
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Great Price Value
Amazing Video Footage
Amazing Photo Quality
Wide Angle Obstacle Avoidance