New DJI Mini 3 Drone Ready To Hit The US Stores SOON

The news about the new DJI Mini 3 drone is making rounds on the social media and we have seen many photos since the first leak few days ago. We would see it in the US soon on every major drone store front. Since the success of DJI Mini 3 pro version over the short period of time, then earlier classic version and now Mini 3 is bound to be released soon.

The rumors were right there the weeks after the Mini 3 classic drone release that a lower version of this drone is already on the cards. This week @DealsDrone which has been leaking most of the news about latest DJI releases that are in the making, broke the news about this drone. Not just that, they have also released the photos of documentation along with it.

DJI Mini 3 Fly More Combo Specs

We could also recognize the Fly More Combo option if we want that sort of package along with an RC N1, and of course the package shows that clearly written under-259 g. As far as the specs and features go this low model of DJI Mini 3 would provide us 38 minutes of unflinching flight time, 4K HDR footage quality and of course we would be able to shoot in vertical as well.

It’s intelligent features include Quickshot like Panorama for Panorama shots. And also we would have level 5 wind resistance. While we would enjoy uninterrupted transmission between the drone and controller of about 10 kms which is huge.

It’s, much later, an other @OsitaLV twitter handle who leaks the date of release to be 9th of December for this drone to be available on flagship store and other outlets online. If you have booked it early yours would be delivered soon.


The follow up news with an image came from @ShaneScordamag1 that shows the package photos with loads of ready to deliver orders of DJI Mini 3 in NJ much of them are Flymore Combo DJI RC bundles. The cost could be seen $859 a piece each.

There are is really so much going on around. A follow up tweet by @ShaneScordamag1 says that the DJI mini 3 have been pulled out of the stores after he tweeted the boxes images. There has been debate going on the social media regarding this whether the DJI or stores know about it.

Price of DJI Mini 3

We could see the price tag of $859 in the leaked images for the Flymore options but we would also see a much lower just for the aircraft to be had eventually. The complete DJI Mini 3 package can cost around $1,100 as a whole. Now, there are many more leaks by different twitter handles that further restore the fact that this drone is going to hit the stores soon.

We should notice that all those rumors and leaks happened to be true eventually about Mini 3 pro, mini 3 classic and others that were leaked by @DealsDrone. There is a lot to come from DJI of course pretty soon.

This blackfriday people did not get much of the discount from the DJI as they had anticipated. At this point the DJI drone are being sold at
Mini 3 Pro with RC-N1 for $759 – $909 with the DJI RC, and $699 just for the aircraft – and the Mini 2 at $499 while it costs $599 for the Fly More Combo options.

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