Mavic 3 Classic Releases On This Date Officially

No more “third-party leaks it’s official guys”
Just like we have been mentioning over and again about “Explore Vivid”, DJI is at it again. We all know Mavic Classic 3 is going to be out soon and it’s this week — 2nd of Novemeber. It’s through DJI leaks that we have come to known this so far and even about its specs. The calssic version of Mavic 3 is going to target the low-affordability market segment to bring more people to the fold.

As per reports and twitter leaks, finally, next week we will have it and “Yes, Yes you guessed it”, this time it’s revelaed through DJI’s social handles which show a Hasselblad lens powered Mavic classic as it confirmed Mavic 3 last year around the same time.

“Finally, everthing is confirmed by the DJI themselves and we are going to have our Explore Vivid Mavic 3 Classic drone soon.”

Source: DealsDrone

Just a week or so ago DJI received an approval from the FCC (the US Federal Communications Commission) to make the fundamental changes to their Class II Mavic 3 drone that was released Novemeber last year. They could not have launched it without that, as any company that makes funamental changes to an already registered product they are bound to inform the authorities as it could down-grade its major functionality to a base-line (WHICH WE KNOW DJI WOULD NOT). Not that much in the true sense of the word, just a little less of the peripherals and specs than the fore-runner DJI Mavic 3 flagship product.

During the FCC details submission it was revealed that DJI team has been working on a lighter model of Mavic 3 that will have almost same mechanical and electrical built like its flagship product with a couple of changes:
1- It will drop the ‘tele lens’ due to a single camera built
2- The lens will also be different than that Mavic 3’s which could fall into any category basket we have covered that in our other post. (According to the very first leaks it was revealed that the camera will remain the same and you can read more about Mavic 3 classic specs here.)

As we mentioned in our previous post DJI Mavic 3 Classic can still be a great drone to get us 4K and 5.1K video footage at 120fps and 50fps respectively, 20MP images in RAW 12-bit to keep our videography and photography artistry in place with the lens adjustment of f/2.8 – f/11. All these features combine make our Explore Vivid experience phenomenal and that’s what makes this drone so desirable as it adds a new layer of flavor to our unsatisfied mechanical and technical senses that crave for more.

Featured Image: DealsDrone