Mini 3 Non Pro To Release Soon According To The Leaks Which Confirmed DJI Avata FPV Drone

DJI has hinted at releasing a DJI Mini 3 Non-Pro standard drone which is a stripped down version of Mini 3 Pro to meet the global demand and serve the hobbyist drone enthusiasts. Its details can be seen and the leaks are from the same twitter account that touted Mavic 3 Classic. DJI Mini 3 non-pro and Mavic 3 Classic are both affordable drones as compared to their counterpart Pro models that were not affordable for all drone lovers. 

Specs of Mini 3 Non-pro 

The Mini 3 Non Pro model is expected to be available soon, and it’s thrilling as just a few days ago they released the most awaited FPV drone DJI Avata. Mini 3 Non Pro is a budget friendly drone that will accommodate more people to the fold. 

  • No obstacle avoidance sensors 
  • It will weight will be much less than Mini 3 pro
  • Imaging Quality – 1/1.3-inch 48MP sensor with f/1.7 aperture

The rumored Mini 3 standard version may lack the obstacle avoidance sensors and it is also going to lose weight and become much lower than even Mini 3 Pro which is a sub-250 grams. There’s not much said about the specs of Mini 3 non pro drone, but the DealsDrone has hinted that it will use the same camera like Mini 3 Pro with 1/1.3 48MPs and an aperture of f/1.7.

This is a huge development as most of the buyers were concerned about the high price tag of DJI Mini 3 Pro. With these specs on its non pro standard version we are sure its price is going to be much lower than Mini 3 Pro. 

This is not the first time that DJI is launching a standard model of a popular drone to meet the global demand.   Back in 2021 DJI launched DJI Mini SE which became very affordable for those who could not afford Mavic drones. Mini SE was a refurbished model with many changes that was accepted by masses on a global and much larger scale than its pro version. 

Price of DJI Mini 3 Non Pro Standard Drone 

As per the DealsDrone reports, Mini 3 non pro and Mavic 3 Classic are going to be much cheaper drones than their peers. Not only that, DJI is going to announce these drones in the next few weeks. However, DJI’s official twitter handle has not confirmed any of this until now. Previously DealsDrone leaked the same news about DJI Avata FPV drones which were true.

Mini 3 Non Pro & Mavic 3 Classic Release Date

DJI Mini 3 Non pro and Mavic 3 Classic are to be released in September, as per the rumors. According to the rumors DJI is going to announce these drones soon, which will be available on the market around shopping season this year.