Air 2S Fly Combo With Latest DJI RC Specs Features Analysis

air 2S latest dji remote controller

DJI Air 2S Fly Combo with the latest DJI RC specs, features and price analysis as the leaks show new DJI Air 2S drone with the latest DJI Remote Controller packed with tons of new features that we did not have earlier.

DJI Air 2S has been a top choice among drone lovers for a good length of time. Along with other DJI drones, Air 2S remained a top notch drone with a well-built aircraft and RC. It’s recent that the DJI planning to release it with its new DJI RC full-HD screen remote controller as per recent leaks.

The new DJI leaks show the new packaging of DJI Air 2S with a latest full screen remote controller ready to hit markets soon.

It’s quite clear that DJI going to add new compatibility layer to Air 2s drone as their next update. The new packaging was leaked online by DealsDrone and OtiaLV. The leaks shows these major mechanical and technical changes to Air 2S drone:

  • Air 2S fly More Combo with a new out of the box DJI remote controller
  • There are 2 more batteries seen included in the package
  • New DJI state of the art shoulder bag
  • A dock for battery charging
  • ND filters have been also included in it

DJI Air 2s vs DJI Mini 3 Pro

Many speculations were made before the release of DJI Mini 3 Pro that it will dominate major previous DJI drone more importantly DJI Air 2S. On the contrary DJI Air 2s with its impeccable performance and specs is still in high demand. Its highly compact design in a 595-gram body with unique 1-inch CMOS sensor is still known for its diverse effect on everything and prove it’s still a drone to have for something very unique to offer.

  • One of the major differences between DJI Mini 3 Pro and Air 2S is, the former cannot record videos at 5.4K/30fps while the latter does.
  • There is also a wide difference between the color profiles of the both drones which is needed to perform a professional level photography for commercial and personal uses, Air 2S has a distinct superior color profile while the sub-250grams Mini 3 Pro does not have it.
  • The Maximum zoom length for DJI Mini 3 Pro is just 3x at 2.7K while Air 2S maxes that out at 8x at 1080p/30 fps which is huge compared to mini 3 pro’s.

Latest DJI RC Features

  • Display – The new DJI RC has a built-in 5.5-inch FHD display that screen brightness can max up to 700 nits which makes it highly desirable.
  • Low Latency & Transmission Range – One of the biggest advantages of this RC comes when we pair it with a high-end drone like Mavic 3 or Air 2S, it ensures smooth low-latency HD 1080p/60fps at the range of 15kms as it supports O3+ video transmission.
  • Buying Options – Previously we had to use a smartphone with their standard N1 controller that was replaced when DJI released their RC with the sub-250 grams Mini 3 Pro launch. Now we can buy that DJI RC at $309 alone it was not the case earlier.
  • Battery – New DJI RC battery duration can last longer so that we can shoot footage on various locations as it gives us 4-hours straight of uninterrupted recording. This is a big plus.