DJI Avata New Firmware Updates

DJI has released the firmware update for Avata FPV drone hours after its release which is a huge developmwnet on their side. This firmware update improves many Avata features.

Just a few hours ago we published a review about DJI Avata which was one of the most awaited DJI drones and of course most talked about among the drone peers due to its surreal FPV experience. Still there are not many people who have received their Avata drones. They might be in the process, still the numbers are negligible.

Important Note:  These updates will reset your devices so make sure you make a list of the settings you want to keep like flight distance and RTH altitude settings etc.

However there was also a leak about the FPV CineWhoop drone on twitter as someone released details, hours before Avata’s release. DJI give it a go without commenting about that. The people come to know about it for the most part.
DJI finally ended rumors and speculations by releasing DJI Avata today, people are loving this drone, specially for its unrealistically real FPV experience as it fits for the needs of beginners and new drone nerds much more. So the reviews have been positive about DJI’s craftiness drone.
On the other hand, as most of the drone buffs are hailing it as a fine endorsement, there are few who have criticized its high price point at $629 and also its smart motion controller that some believe is way too sensitive for not just the beginners but pros as well. Although if you are a steering drone pilot you can easily pilot it and make sure it not to break anything.
But those motion controller reservations are getting sidelined and reviewers are softer towards DJI Avata as they have released firmware update for Avata and associated accessories which will help users enjoy its features even more. They are touted to unleash more uses of DJI Avata.
These are the DJI announcements for Avata FPV firmware upgrades which will unlock these features and with the Avata firmware updates they are going to solve these issues:
⦁ Improving and customizing of Avata camera’s auto ISO limit in auto mode
⦁ Alerting pilots about orientation while using the Head Tracking function with DJI Goggles 2
⦁ On DJI Goggles V2 photo Mode for the camera and manual channel Mode for uninterrupted transmission
⦁ Helps users to embed gyroscope data in the footage that they have recorded on Avata (Pilots should turn off EIS and set camera FOV to Wide)
⦁ The pilot gets alerted when the battery is low
⦁ Guiding pilots about Motion Controller orientation when using it without previous knowledge and also enhancing their flight experience

Once you have installed the firmware updates restart Avata aircraft, remote controller and Goggles. In any case if the update fails, make sure to restart the devices Goggles, aircraft, RC and DJI Fly App to try again.  

So when you are updating your DJI Avata firmware you need to update:
⦁ Avata firmware v01.01.0000 – Updating this will obviously upgrades aircraft’s performance which will improve from what it’s now. If there are any bugs (which is still too early to say) they get dusted down.
⦁ Remote Controller firmware:v02.00.0200 – Without stability and streamlined neck-to-neck connectivity it would become impossible for any FPV drone to perform well. This DJI Avata firmware update:v02.00.0200 is supposed to solve all the minor hinges people might face. So it’s good it has been taken care of.
⦁ Motion Controller firmware v02.00.0400 – So this updates DJI Avata motion controller and the users may get more of the drone.
⦁ DJI Fly App iOS v1.7.0, and Android v1.7.0. update – We have noticed DJI very well understands their customers and what might affect the performance of DJI Avata. In any way, for DJI Fly App on iOS and Android has been updated just hours after Avata’s release.
⦁ DJI Googles 2 firmware v01.01.0000 and Google V2 firmware v01.03.0000 upadtes- Goggles 2 firmware update was very necessary, DJI Avata depends on that to perform and appease drone critics.
Since DJI has released Avata FPV drone a while ago it’s going to be difficult for the common and entry level drone lovers to make these changes on their own when they have not received their drones. Only pro reviewers will make most of these changes as it’s still entirely a new experience for the commons. They are going to need some time with the drone to benefit from these updates and unlock these features.
Despite all the DJI emphasis on updating the firmware for all Avata users to unlock more features and enjoy this beautiful FPV experience. It’s the most effective way to enjoy flying after downloading and installing these Avata firmware updates.

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