Avata FPV DJI Drone

DJI’s new release Avata drone was much of the talk of the town lately and it has finally landed at the price point of $629. This review of DJI Avata FP drone will show you how far it will take us as it’s the first-person-view drone that has been keeping the drone lovers excited and waiting but no more. It’s finally unboxed and reviewed. Also this is not your average drone but more like piloting a plane yourself. So without much fuss let’s get into how good it’s. 

DJI Avata FPV Drone Review 

DJI Avata can be used only with the DJI FPV Goggles V2, FPV RC 2 and of course the DJI FPV Goggles 2. How good is Avata as compared to our traditional drones that we have seen earlier released by the DJI? Is it really worth the hype of Cine experience on the top of a FPV drone? 

Recently there was a leak about this drone just yesterday. Its FPV experience is very exciting and makes the whole body shiver with excitement. The pilot has the best experience. It’s petite and a tech wonder of sorts. Seriously, once you have it in your hands, you will realize how beautifully manufactured it’s. In the total of 18 minutes flight time you can enjoy the aerial wizardry packed into it and its tiny frame is very creative with a professional mastery over its design and feel. 

Package and Accessories 

When you order DJI Avata you might be wondering if it’s the cheapest DJI drone and FPV. On the contrary, despite its low price range it comes loaded with amazing new accessories. The third party accessories are also going to hit catalogs soon. What we chose in the package is mentioned below:

  • Avata Intelligent Flight Battery
  • Avata Battery Charging Hub
  • Avata Propellers
  • Avata Upper Frame
  • Avata Propeller Guard
  • Avata ND Filters Set (ND8/16/32)
  • 65W Portable Charger
  • 65W Car Charger
  • Goggles 
  • Carry More Backpack

Size and Design of DJI Avata 

DJI Avata has a compact design and feels great holding it but it’s smaller than the DJI FPV Combo. The lightweight FPV Combo was released in 2021 and the asking price was $999. However it was loved by the masses. While DJI Avata due to its compact size weighing at 410 grams is even much smaller than FPV Combo so it can easily pass through small spaces which other drones would not. It is very light as it has a beautiful design and these things also make it faster, quicker and also has aerodynamic propeller guards that provides it safety. 

4K Quality Imaging System 

DJI Avata comes with the latest technology used for its imaging that makes it better than any other FPV drone of today. As it has 1/1.7-inch 48 MP Photo CMOS sensor with an f/2.8 aperture, and also has an ultra-wide-angle lens along with its viewing angle about 155 degrees. 

This specification makes it very desirable for professional photo and videographers as it can shoot at 4k/60fps. You can also shoot slow-mo videos at 2.7K/100fps. It also has the D-Cinelike revolutionary mode which lets us make the most of colors and choose what and how we want to shoot our footage. 

Internal Storage of DJI Avata FPV 

DJI Avata comes with an internal storage of 20GBs which is enough to use for storing the footage and of course enough of that. So you don’t need to have a microSD card as it give us freedom and creativity will prevail naturally. 


Avata FPV drones have amazing stability due to high end tech used by DJI which they have also used for their rugged drones . We can get much crisper and sharper footage even during swift movement around. More importantly, it is very stable because DJI has used two powerful technologies DJI RockSteady and HorizonSteady which are their flagship technologies for drone stability. The former keeps footage stable while the later keeps it at the right level. That’s why quick maneuvering and speed of DJI Avata has not affected the footage.  

DJI Goggles 2 

DJI Goggles 2 with FPV Avata are a treat to experience. It’s a headset which is highly improved and advanced as compared to any other FPV headsets. The only difference is they are cutthroat, much lighter and very comfortable for everyone. Of course imagery is on another level that we have already talked about, DJI Goggles 2 further takes it to a superior level. This is really lit. As often we used to think what else could be done for FPV drones, Goggles 2’s near perfection live viewing is as good as it gets. 

  • They have a micro-OLED screen as well along with diopters that can be adjusted, so even if you wear glasses regularly, you won’t need them while having Goggles 2 on during the flight. 
  • The Motion Controller lets us control the gimbal camera and aircraft. As we have already talked about footage stability you can imagine how deep DJI has worked on every small thing. 
  • There’s also a high-end touch panel on the side that lets us control the settings and do whatever we want to with just a finger moment. 
  • The AR perspective lets us be more oriented by quickly sensing the environment around and open as DJI Avata and DJI Goggles 2 both show us the Home Point first so we could initially pick where we are at. 

Transmission and Connectivity 

DJI Avata uses DJI O3+ transmission system to connect with DJI Goggles 2. It is itself the most sustaining technology that DJI uses for controlled precision, lowest latency and video details recorded at 1080p/100fps with H.265 decoding. With this much connectivity, precision and accuracy you can imagine how good the DJI Avata drones are. So to be specific, due to O3+ the latency is as low as 30 ms at the distance of 10 KM. So it’s almost zero looking at the distance we are at. 

DJI also has made sure that Avata FPV live feed remains unhindered at a bitrate of 50 Mbps which is huge, auto-switching dual frequencies and modern anti-interference mechanism. So you can just think of it if you don’t have this drone, how beautiful it feels while maneuvering through the mountains and lakes. This is amazing, it will take you to the other dimension. 


Avata Motion Control 

Again this is very interesting as the controller detects maneuvering through our hand motion. The DJI Avata Motion Controller controls flight and moves as we move our hands, no matter how much complexity we created through our hands, so to propel the drone we move the controller in space and push the throttle. 

DJI has impressed us with Avata so much so that even the newbie pilots will love its smooth motions, movements, flying above the surface and gliding through the tight spaces. There is so much that you cannot imagine and it’s all fun. 

Safety of DJI Avata 

DJI is the name known for the safety of their drones. That’s one of the pioneers of their mastery and excellence over others. We get an Emergency Brake and Hover built in Avata that in any case failure or emergency it returns to the Home Point. So even if the transmission interrupts, loses or even due to battery lowness, in any such case it always makes it back to Home. 

  • DJI has used the GEO 2.0 geofencing system on Avata FPV drone which lets the pilot know about flying restrictions etc. So we already knew while flying Avata where the airport is like other DJI aircrafts and that was surprising looking at its small size and compact design. 
  • It also has an AirSense ADS-B receiver that alerts us when a plane is passing nearby or a helicopter is around the corner and alerts DJI AeroScope signal for monitoring. 
  • DJI has done one more amazing thing to Avata as it integrated it with an Infrared Sensing System and a two-camera Downward Vision System again which is a huge development which helps it maintain its position and hover with a great precision. 

Modes on Avata FPV

Okay here at this point we have explored everything and talked about its refinement. Its modes are very diverse; those are basically to comfort newbie and pro drone pilots. They can enjoy their set modes provided in DJI Avata for everyone to enjoy. We have discussed each one of them below:

  • N or Normal Mode

It’s simply like any other DJI drone, not much special skills are required if you already have flown a DJI drone before, DJI Avata uses satellite navigation and VPS to hover and move around. 

  • M or Manual Mode 

You can enjoy this mode only with DJI FPV RC 2. It’s the mode which provides an exclusive FPV experience and complete control. If you are a pro drone pilot you can enjoy the mode even more by customizing this mode according to your choice. 

  • S or Sports Mode

So this mode is again very interesting and takes your FPV flying to a whole new level. It’s basically a combo of N and M mode to give pilots safety of N and paciness of M mode that you can enjoy on Avata. This is basically to give pro pilots a space to invent their own unique moves and enjoy this drone to the fullest. 

  • Flip or Turtle Mode 

So there’s something really interesting about this new DJI drone, when an Avata FPV collides with an object and flips upside down, it dramatically flips itself up back again (Ours just flipped back just before hitting the ground it’s incredible).  It’s due to its propeller guards which also give it its name which ensures safety a great deal. So it’s built in such a way to stand against collisions, rise up again and fly. You can use Turtle Mode to flip it back and fly. This took us by surprise as we were not expecting this goodness in this tiny Avata FPV drone. 

Final Thoughts

DJI Avata FPV drone is like a dream come true because it’s for everyone. It is loaded with tons of features and equipped with modern tech. If you are drone buff, it’s worth your shot.

DJI Avata Detailed Review

Avata FPV DJI Drone
Speed And Agility
Advanced Tech
Size & Design
Camera 4K 60fps
Avata is very agile with fluid movements it gives great FPV perspective
4K Camera is without a doubt a great one in this range
DJI has worked on every aspect of accessories
While using Avata features you will realize a feel of advanced tech
Very pricey for this weight class
You cannot use Avata without Goggles
DJI Avata FPV is a drone for everyone