DJI Mini 3 Pro Firmware Update

Recently Mini 3 pro has received a firmware update from DJI which is what makes this drone more user-friendly and very much beginner friendly. This firmware update was much needed as the market is getting saturated with the latest drones after every few weeks, this firmware update makes DJI Mini 3 Pro the torchbearer among its competitors. There are few major features that can be updated with this new firmware now it has become more stable and compatibility with the RC Pro controller has also increased manifold. 

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Watch Video for a quick overview of how to upgrade to the latest DJI Mini 3 Pro firmware update to quickly fix the important features.


Important DJI Mini 3 Pro Firmware Update Includes 

Now you can update your DJI Mini 3 Pro with:

  • Aircraft firmware v01.00.0300
  • RC-N1 remote controller firmware v04.14.0300 
  • DJI RC remote controller firmware v01.01.0300.

The Mini 3 Pro users need to install the latest DJI RC Pro remote controller package and update its latest firmware v03.01.0900 for RC Pro remote controller in order to use these devices together. The users also need to update the DJI Fly app to the latest 1.6.12 version as without which it may not function properly. 

Hyperlapse Jitteriness 

This update increases the performance of Mini 3 pro sub-250-gram aircraft. It arrived at the time when we were all looking forward to it impatiently. It increases its performance, compatibility and updates its two apparent features to perform in accordance with that. Here’s how:

  • The last DJI Mini 3 Pro firmware update was also targeted to improve Hyperlapse and it did for the most part still a lot needed to be done as users faced problems using Hyperlapse 
  • When we use Hyperlapse the footage might look shaky, but after installing the firmware update you can get the best results using Hyperlapse with great stability which we use for intelligently captured footage automatically and timelapses. 
  • It removes jitteriness. Many users complained of jitters during the Hyperlapse mode. It was putting the users down those who updated from Mini 2 to 3 Pro which obviously should have been a big improvement for them
  • The Mini 2 lacks Hyperlapse which falls under the $450 category and the mini 3 Pro was supposed to give them this feature. When they upgraded it was not working for them unless they used a third party flight app. 

Panorama Shots

The second firmware update package v01.00.0300 is aimed at solving DJI Mini 3 Pro panorama shots issues. After updating the users will see camera tilt angle range increased while shooting sky in panorama with improved imaging. All four modes can be used including Sphere, Wide Angle, 180-degree and social-media-friendly Vertical mode and see improved results. 

This firmware update solves issues of DJI Mini 3 Pro jitteriness in Hyperlapse and Panorama shots a great deal. If you have faced any such issue just update the firmware and you will see improved results.