Mavic 3 Classic Detailed Review

There are no more rumors this time as DJI Mavic 3 Classic has already been released on the 2nd of Novemeber and the drone enthusiasts are loving it except for a few small things as per se. On the lateral level, we can say Mavic 3 classic comes with the same camera like Mavic 3’s, most of the specs and features except the zoom lens. The detailed review of mavic 3 classic features and how well it captures the footage has been explained here.

An overview – Mavic 3 Classic

They have removed the zoom lens, the camera captures amazing footage quality which is a DJI trademark, aperture is also in place, it has batteries, same props like Mavic 3’s aircraft just a slight change that we get ND filters this time.

Smarter Advanced Return to Home

We could fly Mavic classic to a good distance and found how advanced its RTH feature is. It can fly to an altitude and return to home point like it was so naturally inbred in it. Amazing craft.

Cruise Control

Mavic 3 classic comes with the cruise control that’s really what we loved the most on this DJI Drone. The aircraft keeps flying in any direction and there’s no need for pressing the controller stick constantly. It’s amazing feature when you are taking long distance flights. What else affects the entire drone with cruise control is the imagery becomes unshaky and smooth as the camera moves fine without jolts or shakiness.


Mavic classic protrays extreme stability which stands it at part with mavic 3 version of the drone. It’s extreme precision to move around and hover witout affecting the footage quality.

Obstacle Avoidance

Mavic 3 calssic comes with omnidirectional obstacle avoidance as the sensors all over this aircraft, upward, downard and sideways. It comes as an ideal option for the new pilots as well.

Flight Time

Mavic 3 classic will keep entertaining you with the hover time of 40-mins while 46-min flight time. It’s amazing and has a slight edge over other drones.

Active Track 5.0

Mavic 3 Classic Vs Mavic 3 Specs Difference

Mavic 3 classic comes with some of the new features:

  • Night Mode
  • Hyperlapse preview is something new that comes out which is incredible
  • The DJI RC option when buying

Specs of Mavic 3 Classic

  • 5.1k H.265 footage
  • There’s no internal hard drive just small 8GBs
  • Hasselblad 4/3″ sensor f2.8
  • 4K 60fps
  • 10-bit D-Log
  • 20MP photography quality
  • Omni Directional Obstacle Avoidance
  • Hyperlapse including live preview
  • Active Track
  • Flight time 46 minutes
  • Body same like Mavic 3’s and of course same weight class

Real-time Review

Mavic 3 Classic Video Quality Details – The mavic 3 classic comes with 4/3 CMOS 20-megapixel Hasselblad camera like Mavic 3 with encoding capacity of H.264 and H.264. We recorded the 4K footage at 120fps and 1080p/200fps respectively. We also see aperture that’s adjustable with a span of f/2.8-f/11 that got us crisp, high definition imagery in different light circumstances for 12.8 stops with the dynamic range.

It’s amazing to see how different light conditions are not affecting the footage no matter if it’s evening or the other time of day. Just tweak the luminous settings for the desired time of the day. While the night mode gave us clean video footage there was not any distortion whatsoever to impact the footage due to low light.

Mavic 3 Classic Photography Details – This classic version also comes the photo processing capacity of 20-MP sensor in 12-bit RAW quality photos gave us incredible final photos. Since it coems with Hasselblad that ensures natural colors to process the photos in the natural-true colors we did not need any post-production editing.

Color Profile  – We saw the amazing color profile naturally added due to its color profile like Mavic 3 original. So the feel is absolutely same not just the design and all those features.
Exposure Balance – We noticed that Mavic 3 classic ensures the exposure balance quite well like mavic 3 during the shoot. The same was seen due to HDR with a very rich and distinguishable appeal.

Night Mode  – DJI added this new Night Mode for the first time which we rate very high as a feature that does not require of adjustments for low light. Here is what we were amazed to see how well Mavic 3 classic manages to pull off footage during the night mode. There was no need for night time adjustment due this mode as the black point, noise reduction and the auto-bright corrected everything for us. So at the end of the day, using this mode the lighting conditions did not affect the results.

                               Where to Buy Mavic 3 Classic?

We can buy dji mavic 3 classic drone on their flagship online shop which is being offered for a fair price tag at this point which can shake a bit depending on what you are choosing with it. There are 3 different packages that we can buy mavic 3 with as we can just choose the aircraft for $1469 there will be no RC and Charger with. If you have already them like DJI RC Pro, DJI RC or even RC-N1 it works with them.
However with charge and RC-N1 included it comes at $1,599. But Mavic 3 clasic with DJI RC can be bit of few more hundred dollars expensive including a charger at 1,749. The flymore kit includes intelligent flight batteries, a (100W) charging dock for batteries, 65W car charger, 3-pair-low-noise props and also a hand bag.

Here is the price break down for DJI Mavic Classic accessories

  • Mavic 3 classic aircraft only at $1469
  • Wide-angle lens $129
  • Cover $39
  • Charging dock $99
  • ND Filters (ND8/16/32/64) cost $129
  • Carrying bag with accessories included rouhgly around $599

Final Thoughts

We never felt any stage that Mavic 3 classic is lagging behind in any way except for a couple of things that we have already mentioned above we rate mavic 3 classic as the true DJI drone with a little less on the feature-specs-side that also makes a perfect drone that’s somewhat holds the position rated higher than Mavic 2 pro. Is n’t it great?