Exo Cinemaster II Drone Review

This is the Exo Cinemaster 2 by Exo Drones that made a huge uproar when it was released. Let’s take a look and see how good this drone is by viewing each of its features. We deeply feel this drone is a thing of the future of course on a condition it would get few quick upgrades. There’s no doubt about it and Exo drones would never disappoint customers. There are many great smart and unique features Exo Cinemaster 2 has like we can take amazing selfies with it and it’s kind of lightweight. To simply put it we can feel it in our hand as a sleek, smooth and surreal beast of a drone.

Here is the overview of specs that Cinemaster 2 comes with:

Sensor – 1/2.3″ CMOS
Frame Rates – 4K 30FPS and 1080p 60FPS
Stabilization – 3 Axis Gimbal + EXOSmooth
Video Resolution – 3840 x 2160p UHD
Photo Resolution – 4096 x 3072p
Flight Time – 28 minutes/battery
Control Range – ~1/2 Mile
Image Transmission – ~2,000ft
Weight – 580g

EXO Cinemaster II Video Review


What Comes in The Package?

When you open the box you look at that fine case. It has quite an impressive-looking case. There’s a great leathery feel to it, a very impressive sensation. This drone looks quite long as compared to other models. This is the Exo Cinemaster II and the drone has a plastic body. Cinematic 2 by Exo is an absolutely lightweight beast, not heavy at all. Here is what the package has:

i) Cinemaster 2 Drone

ii) Cinemaster 2 Controller

iii) Cinemaster 2 Batteries

iv) Free Travel Case

v) Free Spare Props

vi) Manual or Guide

vii) Charging Cords

viii) Lifetime Expert Support

Cinemaster 2 Controller

Cinemaster 2 comes with a great looking and feeling controller. Here is what goes around the Cinemaster II controller, its features and specs:


i) – It has two batteries

ii) Two antennas.

iii) It’s a pretty simple controller and feels like any regular controller

iv) It’s very lightweight

v) It has Circle me and Follow Me modes as well

vi) This Exo Cinemaster II has two double-A batteries

vii) It has a GPS on the side so we can turn it on or off

viii) It easily controls the drone and provides nice turns on there, or take off. Probably return home. Pictures, all work great

ix) It is controllable pretty easily and it’s a decent light characteristic

x) Its smart features over all include Follow Me, Circle Me, Sports Mode, Pin-Route Fly, Virtual Reality and several others

The Takeaway- Its spotlight which you can see under it is an awesome feature which makes things a bit easier to see which is awesome

Cinemaster 2 Camera

Next we are going to take a closer look at the amazing camera that Cinemaster 2 comes with. There are many great features that this camera comes with. Here are few of them:

i) Camera has this great feature to set it up which is a cool feature

ii) It stays level on many levels. Look at the camera stays level regardless of where the drone is

iii) The other great feature is camera moves. It moves incredibly well

iv) The camera easily moves up or down as well. The camera stays in its place as I move it forward

v) Sensor – It’s sensor is ½.3” CMOS

vi) Frame Rate: 4K/30FPS and 1080p/60FPS

vii) Stability – It has a 3-axis gimbal + EXOSmooth

viii) Video Resolution 3840px2160p UHD

ix) Photo Resolution – 4096X3072p

Instruction Manual

This drone comes with a great instruction manual which pretty much explains each of its features.

Cinemaster II Calibration

Cinemaster 2 comes with two types of calibrations. There’s the gyro you will see down to the left, and the lights are green, and so they will be done in just a second there.

While the other calibration is the geometric calibration and just bring them down to the side then you would see how it starts blinking. It turns green when we turn it on. One a little bit different to turn this way, until the front and rear indicate stays on and then the red is on.

You would like to see the camera, and it’s cool how the camera stays level due to calibration accuracy.


Some of the accessories that come with propellers are:

i) We get two additional propellers

ii) Screws

iii) Charger cord for battery

Cinemaster Quickstart Guide

The quick start guide that comes with Cinemaster 2 is amazing. You just need to scan the QR code which redirects to watch the instructional videos. There we would start, and scan code, download the app as well. Exo would go ahead and take us to Google Play to install it.

Some of The Key Unique Features of EXO Cinemaster II:

i) Cinemaster 2 comes with GTX which definitely everyone is talking about

ii) Cinemaster 2 is also equipped with Akiflu Oculus sensor on the bottom

iii) It also has all kinds of little pads under the bottom which shows Exo team has taken meticulous care about tiny details

iv) It has two major speeds—Slow and Fast. So the funny thing is slow is really slow but it keeps the drone so balanced on many levels that you cannot imagine. While the fast is also absolutely beast mode

v) It has amazing 4K UHD video

vi) 10MPs photos

vii) ½.3” Sony Sensor

viii) 5mbps Bitrate

ix) 3-Axis Gimbal

x) EXOSmooth stability feature

xi) We can take selfies with Cinemaster 2 and they are literally great.

So in a nutshell Exo’s Cinemaster 2 is a lot of fun and very easy to fly. The Cinemaster II is definitely not bad and is a totally different type of drone which you’d love to keep for long. It’s got a heavy feel to it yet very easy to fly. We used this drone to take nice pictures and also took a few videos which you would easily see on the controller while holding the drone in the other hand.

The ultimate beast Cinemaster II by Exo is a 4K drone which actually shoots footage in 4K. It’s got some weight, not super heavy, but it feels good. The legs are plastic and we loved that length. It’s just so neat. It’s a cool-looking drone.