DJI Avata Airborne Flight Modes Guide

DJI Avata has just hit the markets and it’s loved by the drone lovers already. In this guide we are going to discuss its three flying modes so that you can make better use of DJI Avata. We have discussed each of three flight modes Normal, Manual and Sports mode in detail. Before starting over we need to understand that since DJI Avata is an FPV drone its flight modes are totally different from DJI drones that we have reviewed before including DJI mini and Mavic drones. 

We can navigate through all of its flight modes on its remote control and enjoy the best FPV drone flying experience. Here is how each flight mode of DJI Avata needs to be operated:

DJI Avata Normal Mode 

First let’s understand how DJI Avata is equipped to perform during the normal mode. It uses three things: infrared sensors, GNSS and of course downard vision to stabilize and make it accessible to the controller. Its vision system performs at 100% accuracy when the environmental conditions are conducive to favorable flight conditions such as light and weather. While as we already know it uses GNSS for signal strength and when it’s strong the aircraft is very stable and located easily. During such favorable flight conditions the maximum flight speed can be 8 m/s at the altitude angle of 25 degrees. 

DJI Avata Sports Mode 

DJI Avata stabilizes itself using downward vision and GNSS, due to strong signal and vision its response is quick and agile. During the favorable conditions it can be controlled by just a light touch, can fly faster and respond to the controller when pressed upon. During the Sports Mode DJI Avata can reach the speed of 14 m/s. So if you are speed buff this mode will surprise you and of course the FPV experience is as thrilling as actually flying through the tight spaces. 

We can use Avata FPV manual mode on its Remote Controller 2. In order to switch between the Normal and Sports mode on DJI Avata, the pilot needs to push the Mode button just once on DJI Motion Controller.

DJI Avata Manual Mode

The manual mode of DJI Avata FPV is for the pro drone pilots. It is equipped with the DJI classic controls here. The pro pilots can steer to enjoy the highest swiftness of the drone, its quick maneuvering. It’s the best suited mode for drone racing and flying freestyle. If you are a new pilot, don’t fall for this mode unless you have practiced it for quite some time and know the controls as during this mode all automatic controls are disabled. You are the true pilot in every way. 

DJI has kept Manual mode disabled by default on Avata FPV drone. Before switching the manual mode on, the pilot is required to set the goggles to Manual mode. It is also necessary to adjust the rear screw of the throttle stick for good. If you are a new drone pilot we suggest practicing Avata manual mode on DJI virtual flight FPV simulator to get a grip on it as this drone is very different from the previous models even in the weight class. Once you have become experienced you can easily remove all the restrictions including altitude to enjoy its full potential.

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