DJI Mini 3 Pro Problems Beginners Face and Their Solutions

There are many drone issues that the beginners face while flying their first drone. We are going to talk about causes of these problems that the first time pilots can make with the DJI Mini 3 Pro and here’s how to avoid the inconveniences. It’s not just about the beginners but even some pro can read through to avoid these drone flying mistakes.  For detailed best DJI Mini 3 Pro settings check out this post.

 If you are new to drones and DJI Mini 3 Pro is your first drone, we highly recommend making sure to read through these tips to avoid any drone problems. 

Return to Menu Problem on Drones

Sometimes, returning to the menu while flying can really catch you off guard. Whatever is in the immediate area that you are flying depending on the moisture in it actually can be tough to try and find your way back to another mode without closing everything down and turning it on/off again. Suppose clearing the cache of all of those kinds of things are difficult to perform. 

So in a situation like this when you have to turn back to the menu just tap the symbol that represents the mode that you are in and it will automatically bring you back to the menu. After that  you can go back to wherever you like. 

This small thing creates problems for many pilots especially in the beginning of their careers. It creates a mass panic situation. So if you want to get out of this shot that’s what you got to do just don’t make that mistake by panicking, be cool and tap the Red symbol. 

DJI Mini 3 Pro Color Profile Issue – The Best Color Profile For DJI Drones 

So this one is really important after all, we all want our videos and photos to look great, don’t we? Choosing the right color profile for drones in general is entirely important to get the best of camera drones. 

For DJI drones, especially the DJI Mini 3 Pro D-Cinelike color profile is the best color profile that will get us the best of footage. To put the reason simply, it means that you are going to get the best looking image quality. However you can add a few changes to it if the image looks kind of washed off to you but we think that’s the finest color profile to use. 


So if you choose a D-Cinelike 10-bit color profile the video quality looks amazing. Out of this you get no weird artifacts in the sky; it is the best profile to shoot with on the DJI Mini 3 Pro. 

RTH (Return to Home) Solution And The Best Settings 

It’s equally important to set the RTH height altitude and all the drone pilots need to understand this and change every time according to the environment you are flying your drone in. So setting RTH height is very important. 

If you failed to do so the DJI Mini 3 Pro is going to face the consequences. Let’s say the drone disconnected and it’s on a very low battery and it needs to return to home well depending on the height you set it; the first thing that every drone in this situation does is it goes straight up.  

Imagine if the setting is set to a very high altitude it could take forever to go up that’s going to kill its battery just that little bit more. So the best way to set it is roughly, you know, maybe 10-15 meters high. 

DJI Mini 3 Pro Mode Issue

You Must Not Use This Mode if You Are Totally New to The Drone Flying Experience 

So you must be wondering which Mode to use especially when flying for the first time a DJI drone like Mini 3 Pro. We highly recommend not using Sports Mode just for the sake of flying the drone for the first time. Simply why, it goes really fast and that’s really cool to see however it takes longer to brake. It takes longer to stop in other words but the most important thing is all the sensors are turned off in this mode automatically so it can hit an obstacle or fly right into a wall, a tree etc. Therefore, don’t use sports mode especially if you are starting out. 

Drone Footage Problem

Editing drone footage is an entirely different affair than editing other footage. So when you are making any videos that have some drone footage in it let’s be honest nobody wants to see the jerky drone movements when you are turning the drone etc. So either a nice orbit or nice rotation straight shot or the drone is just moving steadily. We don’t want to see all the boring stuff.  So cut that out while editing because it just makes you look not like the pro you really are. This small change can turn things entirely for your career. 

DJI Mini 3 Pro Wind Resistance Issue

Once again if you are new to drones you need to understand that the wind is the enemy of drones especially the small-size-drones. Take example of DJI Mini 3 Pro tiny little drone and it will get blown away now that said the DJI Mini 3 Pro is pretty decent in windy conditions. Without being prejudiced that is to say though it does have a limit due to its small size. 

Now if you do find the drone is drifting or getting blown away, bring it down lower the altitude as low as you can go because the lower you go the less wind that there is and the higher you go the more wind that’s up there. So keep that in mind if you are in windy conditions all of a sudden lower the altitude and your drone will be just fine. 

DJI Drone Props Issue – The Drone Won’t Take off

Here is this scenario imagine this you are all pumped up you are excited to fly and then

the drone won’t take off because you never unlocked the propellers. This is a real simple one but just get into the best practice, unfold the legs and as you do unlock the propellers because they do kind of stick just a little bit and the drone won’t really take off unless you unlock them. Again don’t panic if the drone is just staying flat on the grass, just check the propellers. 

DJI Mini 3 Pro Charging Problem

Many people make this simple mistake which should be avoided in the beginning. So imagine if you have the wrong charger for the DJI Mini 3 Pro  if you are just charging the

one battery if you have got the fly More kit with the little three battery chargers and if you have the wrong charger then the charging is going to take forever. These are pretty powerful batteries so the best way to charge these within an hour one hour is to have a 30 watt charger or higher anything under a 30 watt charger. it’s gonna take a long time for these batteries to charge. If you have got a 60 watt charge or 100 watt charger it doesn’t matter the most it’s going to take in is 30 watts so 30 watt charger or higher.

Obstacle Avoidance Problem

This one is probably one of the most important mistakes that a lot of us will make and that’s what happens when the drone kind of you know meets an obstacle. Does it go around, does it hover in place, what does it do now? Keep in mind that the drone can go straight up and return to home if there’s a disconnection or whatever so you need to decide almost on

on a flight-by-flight basis what it should do so it should go around what course of action it should choose. 

Maybe in a lot of cases we found that there’s an issue just get the drone to like brake stop hover in place to be on the safe side of things. 

Why You Need to Look Up Before Flying?

Why we say that, we know that top-tier drones like DJI Mini 3 Pro have 3-way obstacle avoidance but not upward obstacle detection. You can clearly hit the drone again something like a tree or a house extension etc. 

So look up before you take off if you are using some of the Master Shots or the Quickshots. We meant the shots where the camera goes straight up or any of those kinds of ones. So before doing anything just look straight up because the drone can see behind, in front and below it but can’t see above it. 

So if there’s a tree and you are not paying attention so that can damage the drone. 


These simple DJI Mini 3 Pro tips to avoid problems. Not just the DJI Mini 3 Pro most of these are useful for any drone that you have. We compiled these drone problem solutions keeping in mind DJI Mini 3 Pro so if you own one make sure to keep these things in mind before making your first flight.

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