V-Coptr Falcon The V Shaped Bi Copter Drone Review

This brand new V Coptr Falcon is different from other traditional drones in many ways. We will discuss all of which in detail and how it is different from other drones that we have reviewed earlier. We hope this review of V Coptr Falcon will help you understand its mechanics, specs and features to make a better decision before buying. 

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First we are going to discuss the specs V Coptr Falcon has

V Coptr – So as we can guess from its look, V is for its V-shapes design along with a non-linear dynamics which adds a flair to its beauty. 

Design – It has a dual-rotor propulsion powered by tilt rotor technology that makes its design. 

Flight Time – It can fly for a long duration of 50 minutes which is the longest flight time for a drone empowered through a control algorithm. 

Noise Reduction – Noise makes drones less tolerable when they come closer, in V Coptr Falcon the new technology has been used due to slow rotation of the propellers. Its propeller design is patented and comparatively creates less noise compared to the traditional drones. 

Efficiency – V Coptr Falcon provides more efficiency comparatively even though the manufacturer is still new in the field but its efficiency is much higher. 

Video Stability – V Coptr Falcon comes with 3-axis Mechanical Gimbal that provides stability to the videos and has a yaw control range of ±80 degrees. 

Video Quality – V Coptr Falcon provides video in 4K quality which is very crystal clear in 3-axis Mechanical Gimbal Stable videos with yaw control range of ±80 degrees. 

Follow me – It also has a very upgraded visual tracking system that follows the target with absolute accuracy. 

Detailed review of V Copter Falcon’s Features and Specs 

The new V Coptr Falcon is manufactured by Zero Zero Robotics and it was announced almost 2 and a half years ago. It was presented during CES 2020. It was finally released in 2021 as it was already presented on their website for pre-orders. It was made available on their website and Amazon etc. 

What makes it unique is V Coptr is the world’s first bicopter drone that means it has just two propellers that can be controlled with the two buttons that we can fold easily. If you look closely it is very unique in design. 

Its specs are very impressive but it has a very old sensor which is very small in size. It also has obstacle avoidance on the front row and claims to have a 50-minute flight time. It’s due the efficiency of having only two propellers. 

If we look around the drone we will notice:

  • It has a 3-axis gimbal on the front 
  • It does shoot in 4k 30 fps, that’s the maximum resolution. It has a comparatively large battery that clips into the bottom on the bottom. 
  • It some sensors to help it hover 
  • It has 3-LED lights on this drone there’s one on the back and there’s two there on each arm 
  • It also has a USB-C port on the side that’s for connecting it to your computer you can transfer files that way. But it’s also how you update the firmware the firmware on this drone has to be updated on a computer 
  • There’s an app you download similar to the DJI assistant app that’s how we can update the controller and the drone. 
  • On the other side there’s a flap and underneath that there’s a memory card slot and right above that there’s a button for linking the drone to the controller

 When a user purchases the kit we also get the little mini case. This is kind of nice it only fits the drone but if you are going to be sticking the drone in a backpack. This works well to keep it protected and it’s fairly compact. So it will fit in there without taking up to terribly much room. 

We can also get a screwdriver for changing out the propellers and you also get two spare props one clockwise and one counter clockwise. 

Unexpected Experience

When we buy a drone we expect many things which come traditionally in the box but for this drone it is quite different than anything you have ever flown.

 The specs or what it could do or how it films it’s very interesting. It has a few fixed wings. So if you’re looking to purchase your first drone because you want to capture cinematic content and you have never flown a drone before, this should not be your first drone. Just because there are better options out on the market right now even something like the DJI mini 2 is a great option at an affordable price. 

First Impression 

So the first impression of this drone is quite good. It actually handled fairly well up in the air the control of it is quite good and even the maneuverability. You will find it to be quite on par with DJI so let’s go ahead. You may find it drifting in the beginning but it flies well. 

So the drone is drifting now. It wasn’t drifting around like some drones. You know they just can’t hold the position in the beginning. Basically as soon as it takes off this drone moves backwards. 

It holds its position very well. However you need to figure out the problem. The controller needs to be calibrated. Sometimes that does happen within the app you have the option to calibrate the control sticks and that turns out. 

Once calibrated it hover over very nicely. This drone is radically different from whatever you have flown before. So when we hit the flight button the first thing we will notice is that this drifts a bit. After connecting to the satellites, it drifts a little bit but it seems pretty stable up in the air surprisingly. Put it over into sport mode; they have two modes that you can use. It has what is called a Leisure Mode and Sport Mode. 

It’s actually kind of impressive to look at with only two propellers and seems pretty agile. Then you will notice it spins around. Then if you bring it close and take a close look you will see it spins much faster than other drones. 

The next thing you can do is go for a quick flight, give it some altitude, turn the camera down a little bit  and one thing you will notice is that the feel on it is nice. The FPV feed that comes back just doesn’t look too great but on the screen looks nice and clear. 

If you just go for a little bit of a flight this supposedly has 7 kilometers range. On the considerable height just above the building and trees you will notice that gradually its video feed quality improves. 


One drawback you will notice is when you move the camera a little down it slightly goes white which is mainly due to the small sensor. You need to keep the obstacle avoidance on so that to avoid any obstacles ahead. If you fly sport mode it’s likely turned off. 

Flying Speed 

It flies at a much higher speed than DJI models which is very rare or may be due to its unique V Shape design. But it flies faster and even rolls over well if you are more into spinning and flipping the drones. 


Its controller seems much cheaper but there are even much cheaper ones such as Hubson’s Drone Controllers. So in comparison to DJI’s controllers of course Falcon’s are cheaper but if you compare it to any cheaper brand, it’s much superior. 

Some more features 

So if you fly it for more than half an hour it Falcon V Copter actually flies that much. As it comes with some exciting features. If you are a pro drone pilot and have seen many drones already you would not like it at first sight, gradually you will develop liking for it. Its stability comes from its unique design and it hovers amazingly well. 

Video Quality – The video quality is also in HD as it claims to deliver in 4K which can be seen in the real-time but it at last stands at HD quality of the footage. You will be surprisingly pleased with its quality. 

Colors – The colors in footage are clean. There are no micro jitters or any kind of yellow effect that you will notice in most of the drones especially when you fly it over a bunch of trees. They are pretty decent just out of the camera. 

Stability – It’s a fine gimbal control that works fine for image stability. Its capabilities are no less than any other popular drone’s. It’s just still new. The gimbal works well for the footage stability. 

Sensor – The only thing that might worry the drone experts is its small sensor. So the dynamic range isn’t great depending on how you have the camera angled. Your sky could be blown out.

RC User Experience 

This drone V Coptr Falcon can be a wonderful experience for those who love rc products, v copter is a great surprise. Although the brand is still new and very much in the making for the most part, for the first time manufacturer Zero Zero Robotics has done a really good job. From its footage quality, to stability and flight, all would feel great to the pro users. 


So far so good. There are few shortcomings in this drone they need to improve. But for the larger part it will give you a great flying experience and honestly much different from the drones you have flown before. As a humble advice if you have not purchased or piloted any drone before, it’s advised not to make this one your first ever experience. It’s not that this drone has flaws or anything, it’s just that there are much better and cheaper options available on the market that can be used for the first time which have worked great for many first time users.  

V-Coptr Falcon The V Shaped Bi Copter Drone Review
Final Thoughts
Flight time
Appearance and Portability
Low Noise
Obstacle Avoidance
Object Tracking
Flying Speed
Video Quality/Dynamic Range
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Beautiful Design
It comes with a beautiful bi copter v shaped design
Very portable
Good Obstacle Avoidance
Object Tracking is Good
Great stability due to a nice gimbal
V Coptr Falcon is very expensive as compared to its contemporaries
Flying speed is below standards
Transmitter is cheap/low quality
Software is low on features/settings
Camera video quality is low toward edges/low dynamic range
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