Skydio 2+ Pro Vs Contemporary Drones Review

Skydio drones have recently picked up and the masses are loving them. From new to pro drone enthusiasts, all have high hopes from this interestingly American drone brand. In this post we have reviewed Skydio 2+ Pro kit and we have also discussed the details about the accessories that this drone comes with.

Skydio 2+ Pro kit has solid specs and features that make this drone ideal for everyone. It has similar essential parts that make popular drones like Autel, DJI and Exodrones most popular among the drone lovers. We have shared specs Sky Dio 2+ Pro drones here:

Obstacle Avoidance

Skydio 2+ Pro kit comes with 360 obstacle avoidance features. You can track the subject while using its full cinematic features on auto-pilot or manually without running into any problems. It has a set of 6 in total 4K navigation cameras installed on it, Nvidia TX2 GPU and is run through an AI algorithm. These cameras make obstacle avoidance possible from every corner.

HDR Video

Skydio 2+ Pro has 4K HDR video for processing meda and auto color grading that does not require much of manual action. The flawless footage comes out of camera and helps to record realistic all-true colors footage. No matter if it’s video/image each of the two comes from camera in exceptional colors due to its IMX577 sensor installed on this drone.


Skydio keyframe allows us to design our own camera movements with smoothness and precision. We can choose the keyframes by tapping on a few keys and fly automatically without any manual action. On the other hand, we can also manually control it or fly it on the definite path that we set for it. Skydio keyframe provides us great control.

Skydio Autopilot Modes

One of the primary differences between Skydio versus other drones is their capacity to autopilot at great ease. We have found this feature in other contemporary drones as well but Skydio automation is at par with perfection. We found plenty of flaws in others. With autopilot we can track any object in the worst conditions at a comparatively higher speed without losing on the footage quality. It’s a big takeaway if you are a drone enthusiast you already know its importance.

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For example if we have to set up it on auto-mode we can select the severity of the operation. Like we can select just motion tracking, orbiting the object, rocket, dronie or several others to get our job done decently. Once you have chosen the skill-severity you can get the best footage which is impssible to capture manually. One thing is noticeable that these skydio automation skills are for our own ease.
When we flew this drone we really found it very helpful and just a few button taps and we got amazing footage delivered.

Transmission Range

Skydio 2+ Pro provides us the a greater range. We flew it to around 5+ km and it claims to provide you 6kms range. A new 5GHz radio has been built into it. The range is captured by its two omnidirectional antennas at an speed of 36mph. The range capture is amazingly accurate. We at any point never thought we could lose the connection. It was a great experience.

Skydio 2+ Pro drone has incredible amount of technology built into it. It’s HDR footage, obstacle avoidance detailing, auto-pilot modes and distance it covers are amazing features. We can spend less and get more done with Skydio drones in general.

The brand is American, still finding its foothold in the market. Despite all that you would find tons of positive reviews on Amazon and social media verticals regarding this drone which speak volumes about the specs and features. That also let’s us determine how well Skydio is doing actually.

While this new Skydio 2+ Pro drone is an outclass one. In the days to come we would see many more such classy products manufactured by Skydio.

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