First Time Drone Flying – Follow These Instructions

If you are new to the world of drone flying, this post contains everything about them and by the end of it you will understand how you can fly a drone being a newbie! In this guide, we will take you through everything you need to know before purchasing and flying your first drone. We will also provide a few tips on how to keep things fun and easy. Make sure you read and understand everything regarding drones. 

Drones are small, unmanned aerial vehicles that can be flown without any training. They allow you to capture stunning video and photos, as well as navigate and control your drone using a controller or a phone app. Most drones come with remote controls, controllers while they can be controlled through an app as well. 

If you are a professional photographer, vlogger or a hustler who wants to make a quick buck, you can always sell drone footage and photos on popular stock platforms that let you upload and sell them. 

How to Get Started with a Drone

To get started, first purchase a drone from an online store or Retailer around the corner. Once you have the drone, follow these steps:

1) Learn how to fly it by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

2) Charge the drone battery before flying it for the first time.

3) Charge the controller or Remote Controller batteries if there are any

4) Set up your drone and fly it outside of its owner’s controlled airspace (these restrictions will depend on the type of drone you have as drones under 250 grams don’t require permission).

5) Enjoy your first flight by capturing some beautiful footage!

Basics Before Flying A Drone

The first thing you will need to start flying a drone is a controller. A controller is a piece of equipment that helps you fly your drone. You can buy a controller online or at a store. Once you have the controller, follow these steps to fly your drone:

1) Plug the power cord into the drone’s power source and plug the other end into an outlet.

2) Connect the radio connector to your drone’s radio.

3) Connect the propeller connector to the propeller of your drone.

4) Connect the camera connector to your drone’s camera.

5) Fly your drone by pressing and holding down one of its four flight buttons for 3 seconds or until it starts moving.

Instructions To Follow

If you are just learning how to fly a drone for the very first time, it is important to disable the propellers. Doing this will help your drone stay in the air longer and make flying more safe.

Drone Wingspin

Wingspin can be dangerous if you are not familiar with it controls. It is advised to always choose gentle wingspin speed instead of hard wingspin to keep your drone in the sky without fear of crashing it into something. 

Most of the newbie pilots forget this small thing, later on they regret not giving it some thought beforehand. So always make sure a gentle wingspin is chosen. 

Use a Safe Flight Path

Keep your drone’s flight path safe by creating a safe one by drawing a line on the ground that your drone should follow. This will ensure that it stays in airspace and does not end up hitting something else or people below. So make sure that wherever you fly your drone has a free space and avoid forests and mountains if you are flying for the first time. 

Using Drone For Footage

Are you considering shooting photos or videos with your drone? Yes! To take amazing pictures or videos of things happening in your world, consider using drones for photography. By shooting video from high up, you will get an amazing view that other people may be unable to see. 

Drone videos and photos are as good as any DSLR’s if you are shooting in the best light. Remember this thing, using the light is the best way to get desired footage. There are many things you can do with the videos and photos. 

Using Drone Footage to Make Money

There are many things you can do with your drone footage. You can sell your videos and photos to tons of platforms that offer stock footage services or independent agencies who deal in it. Many popular youtubers are doing that and some have established it as a business. There are many other ways to earn passive income off your drone footage. 

Drone flying can be fun, exciting and even dangerous at the same time if you fail to follow instructions. With proper caution, you can have a great time flying your drone. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when flying a drone. By disabling the propellers of your drone, you can reduce the risk of it crashing or injuring yourself. Fly the drone using gentle and slow wingspin to avoid hazards on the ground. Use a safe flight path to avoid collisions with other objects or people. Finally, use photography to take amazing photos of your home or rural scene!

For Detailed Video about how to start with your drone for the first time, instructions and precautions to follow watch this video:

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