Blackhawk 2 Pro Vs Blackhawk 2 EXO Drone Comparison

EXO drones’ Blackhawk Series of drones is still new to the market but they are already ruling the hearts of drone pilots. Although Blackhawk 2 Pro model is a way better drone than most of the popular drones today, Blackhawk 2 is not behind at all apart from a few differences. We have drawn comparison and still compared Blackhawk 2 Pro with DJI and Autel’s top line drones to understand how far EXO drones are professional in delivering the best quality footage, imaging and safety.

Major specs and features differences between Blackhawk 2 pro vs Blackhawk 2 discussed in detail

Camera Difference

There’s one major difference between the cameras of Blackhawk 2 pro vs Blackhawk 2 as the former’s camera is 48 megapixels as compared to Blackhawk 2’s which is just 12 megapixels with 1/2.6 CMOS sensor while the Pro model has 1/1.3 CMOS sensor which speaks a lot about the major spec difference and how it would affect the overall performance of the drone. Even though Blackhawk 2’s CMOS is not that bad just the difference makes the pro model much advanced.

Footage Quality

Both of these drones are compatible in the contemporary run for the best camera drones. However, if we compare their quality we come to know that Blackhawk 2 pro gives us 4K UHD 30fps / 2.7K 60fps Video footage quality with a maximum bitrate of 200mbps which is huge and makes this drone compatible advanced, we can compare it to today’s top camera drones of DJI’s while it can clear steeraway the second best position from Autel drones.

EXO Drones

On the other hand, Blackhawk 2 comes with just 4K UHD at 30fps Video quality and gives use a maximum bitrate of 100mbps which is not bad either. The best thing that sets apart EXO drones from others is their compatibility and integrated features that the buyer can choose in each drone.

Blackhawk 2 Pro vs Blackhawk 2 Obstacle Avoidance Difference

There’s only downward optical sensor is used in blackhawk 2 for obstacle avoidance while the Pro model has three way obstacle avoidance as it’s loaded with sensors all around it. We get 3-way obstacle avoidance in Blackhawk 2 Pro model with front, downward and rear which makes this drone very ideal for drone safety and makes it stand the test of time. This feature is another milestone that EXO drones has achieved not just that it works perfectly fine to avoid obstacles. It’s like you are flying DJI Pro drones which come with 3-way obstacle avoidance feature.

Battery Difference

Another big difference which has been much talked about is the battery difference of both of these drones. Both of these drone batteries take 90-minutes to charge fully while both of these EXO drones give us a flight time of more than 32 minutes around 35-minutes of total flying time.

Range and Resistance

Both of these drones have similar features when it comes to wind resistance, mileage and speed. As we get 5 Mile flight range with a wind resistance of Level 8 and around 35mph speed limit.

Other features

We get 3-axis gimbal stability on both of these drones which is controller electronically and a Hover Variance of less than 0.3ft. Other features have been compared above that you can see and with each having a slight difference.

What Makes Blackhawk 2 Pro Drone an Ideal Drone?

Some of the features of Blackhawk 2 Pro really make it an ideal choice for the drone lovers which you will see while actually flying it– veteran and new alike. While flying this drone we found some of its features really worth your shot. Some important specs that make a camera drone an ideal choice are discussed below.

Video Footage

Although the video footage recorded on Blackhawk 2 is worth every cent but what we noticed done on the Blackhawk 2 pro video footage was really mindblowing. The video footage was unrealistically great in 4K giving us the best bitrate of around 200mbps which is huge and makes this drone stand in the list of highly desirable drones.

If we compare it to the footage we shot on DJI drones and Autel’s it does not lack an ounce of quality when you are using its 4K feature on HDR–the footage is crisp and spectacular. Besides, it never loses connection once connected so the bitrate remains steady. Try this drone if you are looking to shoot the professional footage.

Image Quality

The next big requirement of any professional camera drone is its image quality. We captured photos on it and it just blew the surface. In this price range such image quality makes it one of the top-drones on the market in 2022. For instance Blackhawk 2 Pro’s 48 Megapixels is going to give you very detailed crisp images with a lot of information on each image.

It captures images with absolute clarity, sharpness, and true toning. Pro’s advanced 1/1.3in CMOS imaging sensor gets us imaging in a much wider spectrum of light and dynamic range showing us colors we could not see with the naked eyes.

So you must be wondering what if I zoomed into objects. It still looks great, like we mentioned the image details was mindblowing on Blackhawk 2 Pro. The zoom features just do not lose much of the image information like they say it captures perfect images with color science, details and dynamic range.

EXO Drones

Drone Safety

The next big thing we found very fascinating about Blackhawk 2 Pro is its 3-way obstacle avoidance system. So basically, we liked it because somehow we know the obstacles and avoided accidents before they happened. This feature further cemented this drone as an ideal one with its crash-safety. The multitude of sensors on it makes it a safe bet.

It also makes it ideal for professional photographers, videographers who shoot for events, parties or just shoot urban life to sell their footage, this is just an advanced security feature added to it.

So if you see compare it with Autel EVO Nano Plus or DJI’s Mini 3 Pro drone security features which we reviewed earlier after flying, you will notice when it comes obstacle avoidance Blackhawk 2 Pro is somewhat self-conscious AI kind of drone for the security purposes.

Flight Time

We can choose a package with 3-batteries which ads a fraction of price. But on the advantageous side we get 3 batteries whose power can be combined to get a longer flight time.

Still with a single battery it gives us 35-minutes of flight time which is not bad either. Top-tier drones of today, which claim to give more flight time also gives the same flight time as Blackhawk 2 Pro does.

Besides, the drone flight time also depends hugely on the speed of wind and the environment we are flying it.

Live Viewing

One of the coolest features that we truly admire for its quality and unaffected transmission is the livefeed in 1080p on a distance of 5 miles. This feature makes Blackhawk 2 Pro a pro drone with additional Syncleas 3.0 it gives us more opportunities to explore.

What happens on most of the drones, is they lose bits of transmission during live-feed sessions, it does not happen to Blackhawk 2 Pro, it’s smooth and unhindered for as long as you are flying it.

Blackhawk 2 Pro’s Performance in Different Light Conditions

Shooting in different light conditions really makes a huge impact on the footage we get on every drone. No matter how great and expensive that’s, if the light conditions are not ideal the video and image quality we get will always be different.

On the Blackhawk 2 Pro we shot in different light conditions such as Harsh Sunlight, Low light and during the golden hour. Each time we could record crisp video/image footage which is amazing, and each time the different footage quality was just splendid. Even during the harsh sunlight time when the sun creates issues for drones to record high-quality footage, Blackhawk 2 Pro gave us fine-toned footage despite the bad light conditions.

When the sunlight is not as good as you expect, it really tests the camera quality and performance of a drone’s camera, with the Blackhawk 2 Pro model you get it sorted already.

Other Features

There are tons of other AI or smart features that really make Blackhawk 2 Pro an ideal type of drone. Its AI powered and can deal with most of the problems smartly without getting help from a pro drone pilot.

Any drone pilot can easily create and save flight paths they want to fly on a satellite map, set the details about altitudes, as well as the speed of drone, photos that you want to capture during the intervals and so on.

EXO Drones

Its GPS tracking, RTH (Return to Home) So the same things makes it ideal for the new drone pilots as well. It does not matter if someone is flying the drone for the first time or is an experienced pilot, Blackhawk 2 Pro comes integrated with all the necessary features that make this drone smart and self-conscious to fly safely.

There are tons of other features including Hyperlapse, modes and specially capturing footage at night, all these features just make this drone the best of its kind.

Final Thoughts

We think that Blackhawk series from EXO drones in general is a fine line of drones. Even though their mini series drones are also not behind in quality, specs or features, we find Blackhawk 2 Pro a drone we all need in our life equally well crafted pro or non-pro pilots.

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