Budget Toy Drones 2022 – The Most Fun Toy Drones For Kids And Beginners

funniest drones for kids and beginners

Budget toy drones are becoming norm of the day. We suggest you should try Star Wars drones if you are die hard Star Wars fans. These drones come with unique features and are fun to play with so are the Syma drones if you are more of a toy drone buff or just want to try a toy drone then go through this tiny list of budget toy drones 2022.

As every day we see a new cheap drone hitting the market and even the pro pilots love trying them. We tried a couple of these toy drones it was the fun experience we never had before. So if you are a new pilot, a parent who want to gift a drone to the kids or just a pro drone pilot, these drones fit all the situations very well.

Syma X20 Nano Drone – Syma X20 Mini Drone for Kids and Beginners RC Nano Quadcopter with Auto Hovering 3D Flip


If you have not tried any drone before, we suggest starting with the basic drones. Instead of spending $1000 go for a cheaper option and get acquainted with the basics. How about a toy drone like Syma X20? You will find this drone coming with a number of various configurations and rebranding. Despite all that you will always find its hardware to be the same no matter if it has been rebranded or reconfigured. 

You need to be very careful as it just comes under $50 so it lacks many features that you might be acquainted with in other drones. Make sure not to try it under a controller environment specially in your room or house, if it hits something it either breaks itself or whatever it hits on. On the other hand, you will find other drones flying differently once you fly this one. Despite all that we still recommend this drone as the cheapest drone on the market these days. 

Best Star Wars Drone – Star Wars X-Wing Quadcopter Starfighter

If you are a Star Wars fan we highly recommend trying another very cheap drone like Syma X20– Propel Star Wars X Wing Starfigher. This drone is not only a great toy drone but there are some features which will definitely woo you. You can try them, you will feel more like flying a spaceship beast that has capability to shoot at the opponents. 


Basically these drones are of two types– X Wing and Tie X1. So let’s say you hit your friend’s drone 3 times with its IR beam, eventually his drone will start landing. 

These Star Wars drones are a bit different as compared to other camera drones. So when you tap to fly they immediately take off which does not happen in other drones as other settings also matter. 

You really need to learn to fly these drones as they are very difficult to begin with due to lack of superior controls as they are very sensitive. On the price side, they come very cheap and we suggest you don’t invest more than $70 on each. Even if you break a few you would still get to afford more and once you master its sensitive controls you would love them. Besides, the shooting feature is a rare gem to have. So we suggest we go for it. 

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Please make sure you understand the toy drones specifics and controls before starting on them. Since they are very cheap they also break like tiny toy cars do. Beside all that, these cheapest drones of 2022 are true fun to fly as it’s okay to try a drone under $100 and break it and try an other one to learn and master it.