DJI Mini 2 vs Mavic Mini 1 Detailed Comparison After a Year

The two popular mini drones by DJI the most popular drone brand i-e DJI Mini 2 and DJI Mavic Mini have many things that divide them apart and both have ruled the rooster for quite some time when they were released. There are few major differences that need a broader description apart from head to head comparison of specs and features that we have mentioned below. The Mini 2 can still hold on strong wind gusts at 30mph. DJI Mini 2 is an upgrade from the DJI Mini 1 in many ways. 

We have done head-to-head Specs Comparison of DJI Mini 2 vs DJI Mavic Mini in the table below.

Video Transmission Difference Between DJI Mini 2 Vs DJI Mavic Mini 

So OcuSync 2.0 is an upgrade in DJI Mini 2 that can be used to get footage from a longer range. Obviously with the DJI Mini 1 would not do much as the transmission signal would lose immediately after a certain range of 12 feet which is much shorter compared to DJI Mini 2’s. The range while using DJI Mini 2 is amazing as compared. 

Registration in North America

The DJI Mini 2 and Mavic Mini don’t require registration in most of the countries and regions especially if we are flying in the USA or Canada. Due to their smaller size and weight, they are able to fly without getting them registered as they both fall under the allowable weight. 

Design of DJI Mini 2 Vs Mavic Mini 

In a way the design of DJI Mavic Mini does not work well if we mount a larger phone on it, it simply would not fit on it and the cable would not reach the phone case. 

While we can mount any phone on the top of DJI Mini 2 no matter what size that’s. Besides, its antenna as a spring clip can function well from the viewing point. Although both are compact and beautiful, the usability-wise DJI Mini 2 is much improved in many ways. 

DJI Mini 2 also has a cable storage encased in its antenna. So we can just pack and leave without worrying about the cable management while the same needs to be carried separately for DJI Mavic Mini. 

Remote Control 

DJI Mini 2 comes with a control in the box just like Mavic Mini 1. Also DJI Mini 2 has interference protection while Mavic Mini 1 can lose connection if a concrete bridge appears. Mavic Mini 1 is still good for a new user to learn flying a drone. 

Increasing Drone’s Signal Range Manually – If we use a third party signal booster that can work well to increase the remote control range and in DJI Mini 2’s case it can even make the flights much smoother. 

Modes DJI Mini 2 Vs Mini 1 

DJI Mini 2 has many futuristic modes including Cine/Normal/Sports modes which is nice. However, the RTH button makes it easier to operate so you don’t have to panic if someone calls you to bring a drone to Home Point. So next time it does not matter if someone calls on the phone and you want to press the RTH button, the both can be done well which was a missing feature in DJI Mini 1. 

Video Recording in DJI Mini 2 Vs Mavic Mini 1

DJI Mini 2 has incredible footage quality delivered in 4K, wide-angle 180°, while DJI Mini has 2.7K high definition video recording feature. The difference is obvious. The sphere panoramas on DJI Mini 2 makes the footage incredible as compared to its competitor’s. Apart from that the footage is so great that it becomes hard to believe these shots have been captured on a much smaller drone with a tiny camera. 


So they both look exceptionally identical unless we use them. The accessories are designed for both almost in a similar way so that they can be used on any of them. For instance the propeller guard of Mavic Mini will work on DJI Mini 2 as well. However, we can also use the third party accessories on both of them which work great. So if you are not satisfied with something that pops out of the box, just replace it.

Final Thoughts 

So whether you have used DJI Mavic Mini or not, DJI Mini 2 is worth the shot and every penny. This small lightweight drone is perfect for professional shots or just capturing and selling the footage commercially. It’s compact, has everything in the box and very easy to fly without prior knowledge.

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